Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Friday at the Children's Museum

While Mj went to a Jr. Church activitiy, we took the little guys and went with my sis-in-law and brother-in-law and their girls to the Children's Museum. We just found out that the 3rd Friday of every month is free at the Children's Museum so who could pass that up! =)  We all had so much fun! Here's some pics of the kids enjoying themselves.
Job loves tunnels! He had a blast going in and out!
He loved this room!
Little Mommy Jadyn helping her little brother fish!
Fun on the slide!
Jadyn and her cousin Jules brushing some teeth.
Gabe shopping for cheese.
And shopping for even more cheese. My kids love dairy!
Jadyn milking the cow.
Firemen Jadyn to the rescue!
The kids loved the construction zone.
Driving the construction vehicle.
Jadyn loved the dinosaur room!  She's a T-Rex!
Checking out the fish!
Jadyn wanted to bring this teddy bear home.
My artsy girl enjoying coloring and gluing.
Fun outside on the playground!
This room was a ton of fun!

We had a fun Friday night!  I love watching the kids play together!

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