Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Here's what we did this week.
MJ - 5th Grade
Bible: Mj is enjoying Apologia's Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him? He read about questions all people ask about God - Does God exist? How many gods are there? What does God look like? He applied his beliefs in his journal.  I am enjoying watching Mj really think about what he believes.  He is also reading a biography on George Muller.
I caught this sweet pajama moment: Mj reading George Muller, Gabe looking through The Jesus Storybook Bible, and Jadyn coloring a What's in the Bible? paper.
English: Mj finished chapter on nouns.  He is beginning to work on persuading people through his writing. We could be in trouble here. LOL
I was laughing so hard when I saw this on Mj's review paper in English.  He is so funny - What does the fox say?  If you want to watch a funny video, look it up on Youtube, but be warned the song will be stuck in your head for days!
Math: The highlight - Finally getting to use a protractor. Mj learned about lines, line segments, points, angles, and triangles.
Measuring angles with the treasured protractor.
Science: Mj began a chapter on matter. He learned about solids, liquids, and gases. He learned about measuring mass and volume. He also learned about the scientific method.
We used the scientific method in our experiment to see how many pennies it took to overflow the water in the cup. The cup was filled to the brim.  Mj had to make a hypothesis.  He was way off. He though it would only take 5 pennies to overflow the water.
"The water still hasn't overflowed?!"
39 pennies later!
Then we tried the same experiment with lemonade.  It took less pennies to make the lemonade overflow.
Gabe & Streak joined MJ in some science reading.
History: Mj is continuing his chapter on WWI.  He learned about the trench system, U-boats, the sinking of the Lusitania, tanks, and why the US joined the war.
Adding more countries to the Central Powers and Allies on his map.
Jadyn - Kindergarten
Bible: Jadyn enjoyed coloring along with Mj's lessons.  She thought it was funny that the Bible talked about scarecrows in Jeremiah 10:5 "Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak.... Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good."
She also enjoyed watching What's in the Bible? volume 4 - Joshua, Judges, Ruth.
Jadyn is learning her books of the Bible during our morning board time.  She couldn't believe there was a Bible book named Job just like her brother Job.
Beginnings: Jadyn learned about magnets this week and different types of songs.
Crayons are not magnetic.
Scissors are magnetic.
Phonics: Jadyn learned about, "p", "u" and "k". She has been working so hard!
Reviewing the phonics song.
Reading her reader book.
Adding "tub" to her word family list in her calendar notebook.
Using bananagrams in our sight word review.
"K" is for koala craft.
Jadyn worked on ordinal numbers and started a chapter on measurement.
Reviewing dot patterns.
Which animal is the 6th animal in line?
I threw in some fall inspired activities, too like sequencing with pumpkins.
Pumpkin graphing
And a scarecrow puzzle that she had to put in numerical order.
Crazy 8's in a fun math game.
I enjoy our read-aloud time.  Right now we're reading Charlotte's Web together.  I think this just might be my favorite book.  Jadyn is excited to see the movie when we finish the book.  The only proper order to do things in - book then movie!

Break time is important to our kindergarten day.  And it makes it better when popsicles are involved and the little brothers.
During her free time I found her playing with her magnetic Melissa & Doug dolls.  These are a great toy for any girl!
Using shapes to make a tractor. 
I love that she still loves sensory bins.
Gabe - Totschool
Enjoying some reading.
Drawing circles on our dry erase board.
He loves playing with Job's laptop.
Our letter this week was "g". So, of course, we had to use glitter!
It was a messy activity, but so worth it to see his face!  Don't be afraid to get messy with the kids!  They love it!
Matching fall leaves.
Using dot-a-dot markers to find all the "g"s.
I found Gabe taking a little morning nap in the corner of the play room while his big sister and big brother were doing school.
"G" is for goat craft.
Some mess-free painting during school time.  This is great when I need to be focused on Jadyn on not so much on Gabe.
Sensory Bin Fun
He is doing so much better with not making a huge mess with the rice.
Job - Teeny Tot
Job has been practicing his standing and walking skills.

Job has become a little bookworm recently.
I love to hear the "vroom" "vroom" sounds he makes when he plays cars.
Our ball bin has been a huge lifesaver during school time his week!  He will play with those balls for a good 20 minutes!
Job loves Jadyn's tea set. He will put the forks and spoons in the bowls and cups for several minutes.  A great motor skill activity!
I tried the paint bag with Job for the first time this week.  He loved it.
Sometimes I have a hard time staying focused on school - I mean, look at that face - YUMMY!

The kids enjoyed using egg cartons to stamp leaves on fall trees.  We have to make it look like fall somehow here in Miami.

Mj's finished tree.
Gabe's tree.
Jadyn's tree
After the stamping, Jadyn kept painting. She made a table full of pictures.  She's our artsy one!
Some days are rough and I wonder why in the world am I doing this, but then I see my kids interacting with each other and it makes it worth it! I also noticed this week, that my kids are missing fall. Why are they wearing sweatshirts when it is in the upper 80s!!!!! We need to make a trip back to Pennsylvania! ;)
How was your week?  Check out other homeschooler's weeks here.

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