Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mj's Lego Birthday Party!

We celebrated Mj's 8th birthday with a Lego Birthday Party with his friends! We had a total of 13 kids and 2 babies!! Mj had a blast!!! They enjoyed eating, playing games and well.... playing!! Here are some pictures from his party!
The goody bagsThe goodies! I was so excited that the magazines came. God is so good and cares about those little things. I really didn't think they'd get here in time for the party. I had ordered them for free from Lego Education, but you never know how long they'll take!

Some of the Lego cakes! I'm not much of a baker, so I was really nervous about how they'd look. I was pleasantly surprised!=)
I was really excited about the 8 banner I made for the door.
I was able to reuse this from Gabe's party last weekend - just changed Gabe to Mj! =)

I decorated with Lego bricks that I made out of cardstock.
I used red, yellow, green, and blue to decorate.
A closer look at the Lego decorations.
Guess how many legos are in the jar? The kids loved this and kept bugging me to find out who won! Of course, I kept them in suspense for most of the party.
I had the kids color pictures that I downloaded from the Lego website when they arrived.
Pin the logo on the lego.
Who can build the tallest tower in 2 minutes. It was interesting to see the different types of towers they ended up with.
Balloon Game - How many balloons can you hold at the end of 30 seconds. I must say that this was pretty funny to watch.
Creating Lego characters. I put the bodies in a cup, heads in another cup, helmets/hats/hair in another cup, and extra accessories (weapons, shovels, scuba gear)
Make a wish!
Gabe chowing down on cake.
Jadyn enjoyed the cake as you can see!
Time to open gifts.
Ryan decided to try out Mj's new skateboard.
The After-Party Party!
Gabe learned how to throw a balloon in the air after watching Jadyn!

Jadyn loved playing with all the balloons.
Mj worked on a Lego set in his room!

I'm so glad we could have such a fun party for Mj! We're looking forward to celebrating his birthday again on Wednesday with him!

Blogs and Websites that I got ideas from:
Betty Crocker - Building Block Cake
MoneyWise Moms - Pin the Logo on the Lego Game
Creative Gift & Party Ideas - Build a Tower Game, Lego Brick Candy
Homemaking Fun - Gift Bags, Guess how many legos
Under the Sycamore - The "8" sign
Stephmodo - Lego decorations
Delia Creates - The Thank You for coming to my party in the gift bag. She has other cute printables as well.


Elle Belles Bows said...

What a fun party!

Lego cakes are great! Love all the color!

Great job! Kerri

Jamie said...

That is one very well thought out party.CONGRATUALTIONS.The cakes are so cute.Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for the Legoeducation link, I already ordered the magazines. I'm thinking of getting my son the Mindstorms for his birthday but they are so expensive. He is really interested in robotics though.
Where did you get the cute bags?

Tiff said...

I made the bags. I just bought gift bags at a craft store and bought cardstock that was a shade lighter and used my big dot punch and 3-d glue dots to make them stick out to look like a lego.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was searching Lego birthday ideas and came across this post. Could you give more information on how to get the Lego magazines in bulk? I went to the Lego Education website, but couldn't find it.


Tiff said...

Jennifer - It's been 2 years since I did this party, but I think I went to the Lego Education site to get the magazines. I remember filling out a form about schooling, since I homeschool they let me order the magazines through them. Hope that helps!

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