Friday, October 29, 2010

Lego Unit Study = Great Motivation!

What a great week of school! I found this fun lego unit study from Walking by the Way and it was great motivation for Mj!! Here's what Mj did this week.

Bible: Mj learned about Balaam and his talking donkey, Rahab, the battle of Jericho and Achan's sin. He memorized Numbers 24:17a "I shall see Him, but not now: I shall behold Him, but not night: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel." A great prophecy about Jesus. He also wrote a letter of encouragement to his Wednesday night church teacher who is in her first semester of college.
English: Mj's learning how to write instructions. We read instructions on making fingerprints and then Mj wrote how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Math: Mj reviewed his calendar skills and learned about time. He learned about time to the 5 minutes and how to say time in different ways (quarter after, quarter til, half past, 20 minutes after, 10 minutes before, etc.)

Reading: Mj read a play about a family of Pilgrims on the Mayflower and he read a story about a boy who was allergic to animals and wanted a pet.

Heritage Studies: Mj began a chapter on Starting the Colonies. He learned about Virginia and the reason people came to Virginia was to find gold. He also learned about Pocahontas and John Smith.
Mj is pointing to Virginia on his "Why did the Colonists Come?" Paper.

Science: Mj learned the difference between cartilage and bones. He also learned that minerals make our bones strong and that's why it's important to drink milk. We played a review game where Mj had to give me the sign language "B" or "C" to tell me if the body part was bone or cartilage
The ear is cartilage.
The skull is bone.
Lego Unit Study: Mj learned a lot about Legos this week. Legos were invented by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark. They were first made out of wood. He watched a video about how Lego's are made and also watched a video of different Lego creations. He also learned why Lego's fit together and don't come apart easily.

Finding Denmark on the globe.

Watching a video about Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mj made the flag of Denmark out of Legos without any instructions.

Mj also made a ship without any instructions.
Mj's mosaic of a smiley face.
Working on a graph of Lego brick colors.
Mj's Lego Lapbook he made.

Tot School - "G"

Gabe is 8 months old and Jadyn is 28 months old.
Tot School

Our letter this week was G. G is for goat and goose. (yes, I know Jadyn made her small g backwards. Oh well. She's learning! ;)) If you want some great alphabet craft ideas check out Totally Tots!

Jadyn also colored her G papers. You can get these printables at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Jadyn asked me to get the unifix cubes out. She loves them! She made very colorful towers and then we worked on color sorting.
What a big tower!!!!
Jadyn learned how to play Candyland this week. And she won her first 2 games. I've been dethroned as the Queen of Candyland!
Sequencing gumball machines and gumballs. You can print this out at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Putting Mater together!
Working off some energy! Jadyn's getting somewhat better at trying to use the pedals on her bike! Mj and Jadyn had fun racing each other on the tricycles. I remember when Mj actually fit on that trike!
Jadyn has loved seeing our maple tree turn from green to orange to a beautiful red! We had some fun playing in the leaves and thanking God for a beautiful world He has given us to enjoy!

Gabe is quite the active little boy! He doesn't enjoy just sitting in his play pen during school anymore.

Gabe was very interested in the book bin!
After Jadyn was done with the mega blocks, Gabe enjoyed chewing on them and playing with the car.

Gabe's first fall. He loved sitting in the leaves and tasting them.

Trick or Treat

Last night was our neighborhood trick or treat night! The kids had a lot of fun getting into their costumes and getting candy! Two of our nephews came over to trick or treat with us. The kids got a lot of goodies and the parents were able to sneak some goodies for themselves! ;)

Gabe the Toad

Jadyn the Bumble Bee

Mj AKA Spiderman

My 3 Trick or Treaters

The Gang in Order of Age. (Mj, Micah, Jadyn, Gabe, and Ryan)

Toad and Monkey Cousins

The CANDY!!!!

Jadyn was quite happy about this part.

We tried to keep Ryan and Gabe out of the candy by bribing them with a truck! ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank You God for Making Fall!

We were able to enjoy a mild autumn afternoon today!! I had so much fun watching the kids enjoying the creation God has made for us. I think Gabe enjoyed his first time in the fall leaves! Here are some pictures of our afternoon!

Jadyn running through the leaves.

Mj burying Jadyn in leaves.

Leaf fight!!

Rolling in the leaves

Running through the leaves.

Gabe thought the leaves tasted good.



Mj and Jadyn in the leaf pile.

We love fall!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love me Some Deals!

Desperately needed to get some items at the store. I haven't done any "real" grocery shopping since our Miami vacation. I went to Giant and Rite Aid today.

Total $60.65
Saved: $35.02 (58%)
Total OOP: $25.63
And I got 30 cents off per gallon of gas or I can get a free turkey for Thanksgiving.

I'm enjoying Giant's in ad coupons. I was able to get a great deal on the candy. They had an in ad coupon making the candy 3/$6 and I had a manufacturer's coupon $1.50/3. So I got the candy for $1.50 a bag. The other in ad coupon I had was free bread. Love free bread!!!=)

Rite Aid:
Total: $21.57
Saved:$17 (79%)
Total OOP: $4.99
I got back $3 UPRs for next trip so it's like I paid $1.99!!!!

The oatmeal was on sale 2/$5. I used 2 $2 coupons, a $1 Rite Aid coupon off any non prescription purchase, and I got back $1 UPR for buying 2.
The Huggies were on sale for $8.99. I had a $2 manufacturer's coupon, a $2 Video Values Coupon and I got $2 UPRs.

Great day for me!!!!=) Now if only school could go this well! ;)
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