Friday, October 29, 2010

Tot School - "G"

Gabe is 8 months old and Jadyn is 28 months old.
Tot School

Our letter this week was G. G is for goat and goose. (yes, I know Jadyn made her small g backwards. Oh well. She's learning! ;)) If you want some great alphabet craft ideas check out Totally Tots!

Jadyn also colored her G papers. You can get these printables at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Jadyn asked me to get the unifix cubes out. She loves them! She made very colorful towers and then we worked on color sorting.
What a big tower!!!!
Jadyn learned how to play Candyland this week. And she won her first 2 games. I've been dethroned as the Queen of Candyland!
Sequencing gumball machines and gumballs. You can print this out at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Putting Mater together!
Working off some energy! Jadyn's getting somewhat better at trying to use the pedals on her bike! Mj and Jadyn had fun racing each other on the tricycles. I remember when Mj actually fit on that trike!
Jadyn has loved seeing our maple tree turn from green to orange to a beautiful red! We had some fun playing in the leaves and thanking God for a beautiful world He has given us to enjoy!

Gabe is quite the active little boy! He doesn't enjoy just sitting in his play pen during school anymore.

Gabe was very interested in the book bin!
After Jadyn was done with the mega blocks, Gabe enjoyed chewing on them and playing with the car.

Gabe's first fall. He loved sitting in the leaves and tasting them.

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