Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artsy Kids

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs here so we got the paint out and had a blast painting pictures on paper plates.  I guess rainy days can still be fun, right?! ;)

Gabe made the biggest mess with his paint.  Thank goodness for washable paint!
Jadyn made a bunny rabbit (and enjoyed singing along to the Disney channel on Pandora)
Mj made food on his plate.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wii Sword Fighting

When we were in Pa.  Jadyn & her cousin Zach enjoyed a highly intense wii sword fighting battle.  We were all laughing so hard watching them.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Some days they fight like cats and dogs, other days they are perfect angels. Some days I wonder, "Are we crazy adding a 4th kid to this crew?"  And I answer myself with a "YES!" =)  Here's some pics of the crew getting along and having a blast together!

The day after Jadyn's Pirate Princess Party Jadyn & MJ played pirates during the afternoon.  Mj was Jake and Jadyn was Izzy (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  They buried treasure, found gold deblumes, and had a pretty exciting adventure together.
Friday morning was HOT!  So we filled up lots of water balloons and they had a blast!
Mj is such a good sport to let Gabe throw the water balloons at him.

Friday, June 15, 2012

1 Year Ago...

...we pulled into Miami with a truck full of everything we owned and started this adventure in Miami.  I cannot believe it's been a year.  Some days it seems like we've been here for such a long time, but other days it feels like we just got here.  It's been quite the adventure - meeting new friends, getting used to a new culture, working on our Spanish, getting used to the heat, etc.  God has been faithful and on those days when I'm incredibly home sick He brings someone along the way to cheer me up.  I'm thankful for the friends I've made here who have made me feel "at home".
Mark and I talk about how we never would have imagined being here, but it's funny to see how God works!  It's been amazing to see God putting those puzzle pieces together to get us here and I need to be reminded of that some days. It was nice being back in Pennsylvania last week with our family and friends, but it was an even nicer feeling to be back home in Miami.  We were so excited to see our youth group on Wednesday night and it felt good to be greeted with hugs and we missed you!  I think it helped Mark and I realize that Miami is our home now and we're really loving it.
We're looking forward to seeing how God will work in our 2nd year in Miami!
If you want to read some previous posts about our move check here and here.

Jadyn's Pirate Princess Party

Last night was Jadyn's Pirate Princess Party! She invited some of her friends and their families over and the kids had a blast! Here's some pictures from her party!

Treasure Chests full of loot were the centerpieces for the tables.
The Pirate Princess
Pirate Princess Punch - Yum!!!
Shells & Cheese
Jolly Roger Dogs
Grape Swords, Rubies, and Golden Nuggets
Having fun on the plank
It was so hot last night, so the pool was a big hit!
On their treasure hunt.  The treasure was their goodie buckets.  I can't believe I forgot to get a picture.  They each got a bucket and shovel full of gold deblumes, necklaces, pirate tattoos, pirate bracelets, eye patches, ear rings, inflatable swords, bubbles and a pirate pencil.
 Water Balloon Battle - this was a hit as well!
Jadyn said it was the best party ever!
I got a bunch of pirate party ideas from pinterest. I seriously, don't know how I survived before pinterest! LOL So thankful for beautiful weather and fun friends to share this fun day with!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pennsylvania, Family, & a Virginia Wedding

Last week we headed up to Pennsylvania to visit our family. What a long drive that is, but definitely worth it! We had such a fun week and my brother-in-law's wedding was absolutely beautiful! It's so fun to get the whole gang together, let the cousins go wild and just have lots of fun! Here's pictures from our week!

Gabe found his super hero - Batman!
No trip to Pa is complete without a stop at Annie's for ice cream!!!
The Wise/Fortney cousins take on Chocolate World.
My nephew Zach and his crazy trampoline skills! I was laughing so hard at him!
I took Jadyn for her first manicure and pedicure!  It was a fun mommy/daughter date!  I look forward to many more manicures and pedicures together!
I woke up to this sweetness one morning!!  It melted my heart!
Got to finally meet my 1 month old nephew Riley!!!!  I seriously wanted to sneak him into my suitcase! He is absolutely scrumptious! ;)
My brother-in-law Timmy and his new bride Edye!  Jadyn was their flower girl and my nephew Micah was their ring bearer.
Our fam with the happy couple!
Jadyn was so excited to be the flower girl!
A little bit nervous to walk down the aisle.
Jadyn and her new aunt Edye!  We're so excited to have Edye join our family!
Uncle Benny & Jadyn enjoying the sparklers!
Mj thought the sparklers were the best part of the wedding. LOL
Gabe survived the wedding!
A rest stop in Florida!  We were so ready to be back in Miami!
We are so thankful for the time we could get away and spend some time with our family and friends!  Looking forward to Christmas when we'll all be together again. (Ok, not gonna lie - we're not looking forward to the drive. LOL)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photo Shoot

Jadyn's been having a great 4th birthday! After lunch at McDonalds I told Jadyn I had a special surprise for her. I saw the idea on pinterest and I loved it!  So we took pictures of Jadyn in what she was wearing today and then I let her wear my wedding dress!  She said she felt like a princess!  We had a lot of fun taking pictures and making memories.

My 4 year old
In my wedding dress - Beautiful!
And well... Jadyn is Jadyn!  She had to do her silliest face!

Happy 4th Birthday Jadyn!

4 years old!  How can it be?!  Jadyn, I can still remember the tears and prayers for you!  I remember the feeling when the doctor said you need to see a fertility specialist.  I remember the fertility specialist saying, "You'll never have kids without the help of drugs" and the feeling knowing that we couldn't afford it..  I remember shaking as I stared at a positive pregnancy test after more than 4 years of negative ones thinking how small my faith was.  We prayed for this and God miraculously answered and I was in disbelief.  I remember holding you in my arms for the first time and feeling so unworthy of God's grace to give us you, our daughter!  Jadyn, Jehovah heard our prayers and graciously gave you to us!  You are such a personality!  I love listening to your laughter, watching you "mother" your little brother, listening to your songs you make up, watching you learn!  Jadyn, we pray that you will understand your need of  a Savior from your sins and that you will accept His wonderful gift to you!
I'm looking forward to a fun day with you today on your 4th birthday!
I love you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June 1...

...which means that beautiful girl is turning 4 in 11 days!!!  We're leaving for Pennsylvania tonight! I'm another month closer to holding my precious Job (did I tell you we picked a first name for baby boy, still working on that middle name) in my arms and not in my belly! ;) We're also coming up to the 1 year mark in Miami!  Wow!  Actually it's kind of weird that we'll be in Pa. the same week we were getting ready to move to Miami.  More on our 1 year bench mark in another post coming June 15 which will be our 1 year in Miami day!
I won't be posting anything this coming week!  We're looking forward to seeing our family and friends.  Looking forward to my brother-in-law's wedding next weekend.  And looking forward to some family time just the 5 well.... 6 of us. Now I better go and finish cleaning the house and packing!  Happy June 1!!!!
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