Monday, July 19, 2010

My July Shopping Trip

This has been and will be my only shopping trip for the month of July so I'd say I've done quite well!
Target: Total: $12.10
Saved: $7 (56%)
Total OOP: $5.10
Total: $36.56
Saved: $13.14 (64%)
Total OOP: $22.70
I needed baby food for my trip to Greenville with Gabe next week. Don't think my frozen homemade baby food will make it on the trip down and back.

Weis: Two pics because I forgot the freeze pops in the first pic!
Saved: $19.09 (66%)
Total OOP: $9.90
CVS: Total: $35.15
Saved: $31.51 (90%)
Total OOP: $3.64 and I have $10 ECBs for next trip
I got $10 ECBs to use for this trip for doing a survey. If you're not signed up for CVS surveys, sign up. I've gotten $20 ECBs for doing 2 surveys!!!!

I love CVS!!!!!
Giant: Total: $45.60
Saved: $28.52 (63%)
Total OOP: $17.08

These Kids of Mine....

Rolling from belly to back!

He's such a happy baby!

You didn't know Spiderman was a baker, did you?

Jadyn loves connect 4.

A rare pic of all 3 looking at the camera!

Frugal Fun with a Cereal Box

Just an ordinary cereal box.

Nope, it's a marble game, too!

Hours of fun! (and no sibling fighting!!!!!)

Stonyfield Giveaway - I'm a winner!

A big thank you to Valerie from Frugal Family Fun Blog for the prizes in her giveaway that I won. I already used the stonyfield yogurt coupons! Yum!!!!!
Check out Valerie's blog. She has great frugal fun ideas to do with your kids!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave

It's a heat-wave in the northeast!!! According to accuweather it's 98 right now! So what do we do in the hot weather - We play in the pool and sprinkler!! Here's some fun pics!!!

Mj cooling my feet off! ;)

Having fun with Mj!

Me and my soggy little girl!

Buckets and a hose - does it get more fun?!

Feeling nice and cool in the pool!

Monday, July 5, 2010

1st Food!!!

Can you believe Gabe is 5 months old and ready for his first solid foods!!!! We tried some Rice Cereal today and boy did he love it!!! He was grabbing the spoon from me and screaming if I didn't get it in his mouth fast enough!

"I think I like this!"

"I'll help you with the spoon, Mommy."


"I'm a messy eater!"

"What?! No more!!!"

Celebrating July 4!

Had a great weekend celebrating our wonderful country!!!

Jadyn ready for church in her patriotic outfit!

Fun on Saturday at Dutch and Julie's.

Zach and Jadyn enjoying dessert!

Riding the 4-wheeler with Daddy.

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