Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Love the Christmas Season!

I love Christmas! I think I love it more watching it through the eyes of my kids! It's just an amazingly wonderful and exciting time of year!  And the Christmas music!!!  I could listen to it all year round! It is a bit weird listening to the songs about it snowing and cuddling by the fire when it's in the 80s and bright and sunny here in Miami.  Here's some pictures of us enjoying some of the Christmas Season.
We got our tree out and Job wasn't sure what to think of it at first. He points to the lights every morning and gives a big, "Ooooooohhhh".
Mj was a big help decorating the tree this year.  He did most of the breakable ornaments and was so careful to spread them out and make sure they were out of harm's (Job's) reach!
Jadyn & Gabe put all their ornaments in one section of the tree.  I may have discreetly moved them when they went to bed that night! ;)
My happy Christmas decorators!
Job's favorite ornament is the big jingle bell.  I've given up on making him keep it on the tree.
Santa needed a snack break.
One of the first things we do at the beginning of the Christmas season is make hot chocolate and watch Polar Express.
 We've been doing our Advent count down with Truth in the Tinsel.  I love reading parts of the Christmas story each day with the kids.  What an amazing thought to think of the Creator of the World, humbling Himself and coming down as a helpless baby.  He was born to die for a cruel and dark world so that our relationship could be restored with Him.  What love!!!!! 
Jadyn and I enjoyed our Christmas Tea yesterday morning.  It was fun to get dressed up and enjoy a yummy breakfast with friends.

Our Week in Review

We had a great week of school.  Probably one of the best weeks we've had in awhile.  It's so nice when the kids are busy with their school work and not fighting with each other. =) Here's what we did this week.

MJ - 5th Grade

Bible: The kids are enjoying the ebook Truth in the Tinsel that we are doing for Advent.  I'm letting MJ make the craft for each day with his legos.

English: Mj continued his chapter on research materials and how to use them.

Math: Mj started his chapter on customary measurement.

History: Mj started his chapter on the Roaring 20s.  He loved learning about Charles Lindburgh's flight to Paris.
I pulled out the U.S. Map puzzle, to review our states for his calendar notebook.
Science: Mj started his chapter on biomes.  He learned about the tundra.
Jadyn - Kindergarten
Bible: Jadyn is loving Truth in the Tinsel, too.  Anything that involves making a craft is awesome in her book! ;)

Beginnings: Jadyn learned about zoo animals this week. We'll be making a trip to the zoo this week!
Reading: Jadyn is doing so well with her word families and sight words!  I'm so proud of the progress she has made!  I think things are starting to click with her.  She read her words much more quickly this week! Yay!
Math: Jadyn is learning about the calendar.  This is such a hard concept for her.  I know she'll get it eventually. At least she knows it's December! ;)
Jadyn has enjoyed some extra Christmas coloring pages.
The highlight of our week was going to see the play Madeline's Christmas. And I enjoyed some one on one time with my favorite girl! Now she's singing the "Abracadabra" song and dancing all over the house! I loved seeing her enjoy her first play and we got to sit in the front row!  She was amazed by it all!
Gabe - Totschool
Gabe was all about coloring this week.  He's working so hard to stay in the lines!



Job - Teeny TotSchool
Job working hard on his puzzle.
And just cause he's just so yummy - An extra picture for your and my enjoyment! =)
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