Friday, September 18, 2009

A Fun-filled Day at the Whitaker Center

We enjoyed a great day at the Whitaker Center with the Hefflefingers and Hansons. The kids had so much fun and even learned some things, too! Here are some pics from our day!

Jadyn playing in the water!

Jadyn walking through a tornado.

"Here comes the flood!"

Mj & Jenna in a hurricane.

Making a storm!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Music at Hershey Gardens

Hershey Gardens Field Trip

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a great day at the Hershey Gardens. Mj enjoyed finding the names of the plants and flowers. A favorite of the day was the Children's Garden and the Butterfly House. Here are some pics from the day!

Mj testing the sun dial. It worked.

Fun getting wet at the Hershey Kiss fountains.

The butterfly house was neat!

Enjoying the shade of a huge tree!

Mj checking out the fountain.

15 months old!

Can you believe my baby girl is 15 months old! She's petite and very healthy and we praise God for that!!

20 weeks - Halfway There!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!!

That's right! Baby #3 is a boy!!! We're so excited! Mj really wanted another sister, but I'm sure he'll enjoy having another rough and tumble boy to wrestle with! Baby was very stubborn and would not give us a profile shot so we got a pic of his adorable foot!!! I do love baby feet!!!=) I do have a DVD of the ultrasound so I can see his face in that every once in a while. We do not have a name picked out yet, which is very odd for us. We had Mj and Jadyn's names picked out very early. I know we'll find the perfect name for our new little man!!! Almost halfway through the pregnancy!! How crazy is that. Saturday I will be 20 weeks!!!!
On another note, today is my sweet husband's birthday!! We're going to celebrate at Shady Maple!! Yum-o!!!!

Creation Timeline

The first two weeks of school, we've studied the Creation account. Mj made a timeline for each day of creation and what God created. My favorite picture is the 6th day. You can't see it, but he has a black dot which is a flea, an ant, a lion, and an elephant. Mj was amazed thinking how God spoke and made a tiny flea and a huge elephant at the same time. It's been a good review for me to see how God is a God of order, power, beauty, and creativity!!! What an amazing God we serve!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crayola Factory and Canal Museum

We enjoyed a great family day at the Crayola Factory and Canal Museum!!! Jadyn loved walking around the entire museum. The favorite things of the day were - drawing on glass, glow-in-the-dark markers, the boats in the canal museum. A great day!!!!

Mark got creative with Mj's face!

Mj and Jadyn playing with sidewalk chalk

Trying out the lock system at the canal museum.

Lunch time!

The world's largest crayon (1500 lbs!!!)

2009 Soccer Season

Soccer season has begun!!! Mj is now in the U-8 division. He's a green shark. He was so excited that his team color is green - his favorite color!!! The first game of the season and it poured and poured!!!! The kids, of course, loved it; the parents no so much! I'm so thankful Mj has the opportunity to play soccer and meet some new friends.

1st Day of 1st Grade

First grade has begun and is in full swing. It's been trying with a walking Jadyn, but the Lord has given me great encouraging friends!!!

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