Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall in Miami

Fall has finally arrived in Miami and it is absolutely beautiful!  We're enjoying having the windows open and feeling the amazing cool breeze!  Jadyn said yesterday morning it was very cold (a frigid 63 degrees) Yes, we are officially Miamians if 63 is very cold!  We took advantage of the amazing weather and the kids enjoyed an entire morning outside!

I bundled Job up in his soft blanky.  The poor child, I don't know how he will survive when we go to Pennsylvania for Christmas! ;)
Beautiful morning for sliding.
Gabe having a blast in the fort!
Jadyn loves using the rope ladder for a swing.
Playing ball with Streak.  Streak is loving the fall weather, too and stays outside most of the day barking at all the cars going by! =)
My beautiful girl

Mj Gets Baptized

Sunday night, Mj was baptized.  What an exciting time to watch my son make this important decision to share how Christ has saved him and to show others his decision by being baptized.  Mj came to us a couple of months ago and asked if he could be baptized.  We were excited with him for him to make this decision.  He was so nervous to speak in front of the church, but he did an excellent job sharing how God had saved him through from his sin because of Christ's death on the cross.  So thankful for the tender heart that God has given to Mj and for Christ's saving grace in Mj's life.  I continue to pray that he will become a godly man that desires to every day be more like Jesus. (And a side note:  Jadyn was so worried about our youth group.  She thought for sure they were going to get wet!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Party

Yesterday, we went to the fall party at the Garcia's. The kids were so excited to get in costume and play with their friends.  Here are pictures from the fall party.

Mj - the red ninja, Gabe - Spiderman, Jadyn - a Fall Princess
Poor Job got hot in his leopard costume.
Mrs. Garcia even had fake fall leaves for our fall party.
Spiderman the trike.
Mj wipes out in the potato sack race.
Jadyn enjoys the popcorn.
Spiderman enjoyed the ice cream...
...and cupcake.
Jadyn and her cousin Julia in their matching fall outfits from their Papa.

Two Year Olds...

What a life! =)

Big Sis

This picture melts my heart!!!!

Running Again

This week I started running again since my pregnancy. It felt so good to put my running sneakers, listen to my music, and run!  I'm using the C25K plan again like I did after I had Gabe.  Looking forward to running a 5K here in the future and hopefully eventually training for a half marathon.  Looking forward to watching the pregnancy weight go away! =)

And some nights I have a running partner! =)  Mj had so much fun running with me the other night.  I think we'll make this a once a week mommy/son date.

School Work is Fun Work

Jadyn has worked very hard this week in her school work.  I love watching her get excited when it's a "fun" paper to do.  I love watching her try to spell her name.  She's a hard worker!

Working on her phonics paper.
Her blend paper is probably one of the hardest papers for her, but she's getting it.
Working on her scissor skills.
Tracing and writing the number 4.
Jadyn was excited about the bear shape picture she had to cut and glue.
The finished bear.
Jadyn loved this activity.  She had a trace the picture and then draw it all on her own.  She did a great job!

Tracing "n"

Jadyn helped me bake pumpkin muffins this week.  She loves to bake with me and I love the help!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting So Big!

That adorable boy is getting so big so fast!  He's smiling and cooing!  He watches his siblings and smiles at them when they are silly.  He's got eyes for his mommy and gets excited to hear his daddy's voice.  He's only been here almost 6 weeks and I can't remember what life was like without him.  We are so thankful that God has blessed our family with Job Michael!  Now off to find the pause button so he will stop growing so fast so I can enjoy these little moments a bit longer! ;)

Fall Coffee Filter Tree

While Gabe napped yesterday, Mj and Jadyn enjoyed doing a fall craft.  They made a fall tree out of a coffee filter with their dot-a-dot markers.

Mj focuses on where to put each dot.
Jadyn works hard on her tree.
Mj's finished tree.
Jadyn's finished tree.
I'm thankful for pinterest for artistic inspiration! =)

Enjoying a Break from School

Mj had off school starting Wednesday because the teachers' had a convention in Orlando. We made the most of his days off and did some fun things together.

 A trip to "Circle Beach".  It was the perfect beach day on Wednesday - low humidity, warm temps and the water was perfect.

Gabe and Mj had fun building lots of creations in the sand.
The 3 Musketeers
 Job slept through his first trip to the beach.
I was enjoying my spot under a palm tree with Job watching the 3 kids have a blast together!
My shady palm tree!  I love palm trees!
Buckets of water are always fun!

Jadyn watching the boat leave the marina.

Me and Job - Job's first trip to the beach!

A trip to the zoo.  We went with 2 other families to the zoo.  The kids had a blast that day!  Checking out the animals, playing in the splash pads and playground, being with friends - what's not to love!

Feeding the birds.
Jadyn climbs a snake.
Cooling off in the Amazon!
The highlight of our day - watching the otters get fed!
Checking out the otters.
The zoo keeper feeds the otters stinky dead fish.
Jadyn, the cockroach, and her friend Max.
Job got a bit hot in the stroller so he cooled off on a bench with me and we watched the kids run around the playground.

Fun at home:  We were able to have some fun relaxing and enjoying being at home during Mj's school break.
Mj and his friend Levi enjoying hot dogs in the fort.
Jadyn, Gabe and their friends Max and Emma enjoy their dinner on the 2nd floor of the fort.
Gabe and Max thought the car falling from the storage bin was a great game!

Mj and I taught Jadyn how to play Skipbo.
Riding bikes in the church parking lot is always a fun way to spend the day!
Gabe and his "manly" pink Barbie bike. LOL
Jadyn deep in thought as she rides her bike.
We had a great couple of days!  So thankful for beautiful weather, great friends, and my wonderful family to enjoy some fun with!
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