Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wow! It's Been Awhile....

Ok, so my last post was March 21?!?! Can I just say that the past month and a half has been absolutely crazy. Here's what's been going on....

The end of March, I ended up with what we thought was the flu. A trip to the ER, we discovered it was not the flu, but a virus.  I was sick for about 2 weeks.
The day I finally started feeling better, MJ & Jadyn had their Enrichment Showcase for their classes they've been taking at LIGHT. Jadyn was a beautiful ballerina and MJ did great with his Tae Kwon Do and we got to finally see his finished project from his Stop-Motion Animation class. (My husband started feeling sick on this night - keep reading...)
We enjoyed counting down to Easter Sunday using Sense of the Resurrection.
My husband had to miss Easter Sunday service because he was sick, but these four were feeling great and we so excited to celebrate our risen Savior.
A couple days after Easter, my husband ended up in the ER with a very sore throat that was getting worse. Come to find out he had an abscess on his tonsil and had to be admitted to the hospital. We are so thankful we got to the hospital when we did and for the doctors who took good care of my husband.
We got to take a field trip with our Co-op to the fire station.
Job was in awe of the fire truck and fire fighters.
We thought our sickness was finally over, but then Mj & Job got the stomach bug right after my husband starting feeling better. We seriously had someone sick for 5 straight weeks.  I wanted to cry at times.
The one day that Mj was sick, I decided to take my princess to see Cinderella. Such a good movie!!!!
We did get some school in during the 5 weeks of sickness.  Mj learned about genes and DNA.  We actually extracted some of his own DNA. I love when a science experiment works! =)
We got a surprise - Uncle Jonny came for a couple of days from NYC. The kids love spending time with him and we had a blast!
We took a beach day while Uncle Jonny was here! I love living close to the beach.
We're starting to finish up some of our curriculum, which is a great feeling!
And our new curriculum is starting to arrive.  I can't believe that Gabe is going to be in Kindergarten! He has been looking at his "teaching" books every day!
I love to see the progress the kids have made this year.  This is Jadyn's handwriting of her name. She writes her full name on the first of every month. 
Jadyn has been learning about gravity.  Job wanted to get in on the fun, too.
It's been beautiful here in Miami, and we are enjoying the unusual cool weather for a day or two.
So that is very quickly what has been going on around here. We're thankful for healthy and that we have 2 more weeks of school left for the school year! It will be nice to have a break and get my house clean again! LOL I feel like the house work has fallen behind and I'm looking forward to do some spring cleaning that first week off of school.
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