Friday, November 30, 2012

The Names of Jesus

I try to do a different advent activity every year so we're not doing the same thing back to back.  We've done the Jesse tree (which I think I'll bring back for next Christmas - I love doing this!), a Christmas activity advent where the kids would pull off a number and each number had a different activity to do for that day (drink hot chocolate and watch Polar Express, go for a drive and see Christmas lights, pick your favorite Christmas CD to listen to, etc.)... Just different and fun activities.  I found the activity we're going to use this year on Pinterest last year.  Since we were doing the Jesse Tree last year I knew I wanted to do this advent activity this year.  We're going to study the names of Jesus.  Every day, one of the kids will pick an ornament, on the ornament is a name of Jesus.  We'll read verses about that name of Jesus in family devotions and have some kind of activity to go with each name.  I'm really excited about doing this with the kids and have them see how special Jesus is through 25 of His names that we'll be learning through advent.
This was a super easy and cheap activity to do as well.  I bought the ornaments at the Dollar Tree, used a sharpie pen to write the names, and stuck them in a glass jar that I had. It cost me $3!  Gotta love that, too! ;)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Break

We had a great Thanksgiving break enjoying our family and making some fun memories.  Here's our break in pictures.

On Tuesday we were able to go to Mj's class' Thanksgiving party.  It was an unusually cool morning!
Job was bundled up for the party.  Poor boy doesn't even know what cold is! ;)
Gabe loves his big brother and was thrilled to have Mj give him a piggy back ride to the car.
After school we ran to pick up our race packets for the Turkey Trot.  Mj had his game face on already! ;)
We made some pilgrim hats in the afternoon.
And Jadyn loved her color by number turkey.
On Wednesday I took the kids to the zoo.  The monkeys are always a favorite at the zoo.
Gabe trying to find the orangutang. 
Job was the cutest baby at the zoo.
Early Thanksgiving morning!  Ready for our races.  I ran the 5k and was so happy to have run it in 35:20.  Not too shabby for 2 and 1/2 months after having a baby! ;)
Mj ran in the 600 meter.
He was pretty proud of his medal.
After the races, we had fun dancing to the songs on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
And of course there was some wrestling involved.
Friday was decorating day!!  Job put the first ornament on the tree.
Our beautiful tree and some pretty cute kids! ;)
Decorating is exhausting!
Our house is ready for Christmas!
After a morning of organizing and cleaning the house on Saturday, we took the kids to the school to play at the playground and then dinner at CiCi's.
Mark and MJ enjoy some basketball.
She's a monkey.
It was a great Thanksgiving break!  And we enjoyed some extra family time and some relaxation.  Now, we are anxiously looking forward to Christmas vacation in Pennsylvania!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

We're so thankful to our friend Isaiah for taking family pictures for us! Saturday was a beautiful day for pictures and the kids behaved which was awesome! =) The pictures turned out great.  Now to make Christmas cards and figure out which ones to print for our family picture wall. :)  Here's some of the pictures!

Mj looks so old in this picture!  Makes me tear up a little bit!  He's becoming quite a handsome young man.
Jadyn was so excited that Isaiah wanted to get a picture of her in the fountain!
My sweet Gabey Baby!  He's the happiest little boy you'll ever meet!
Look what adorable baby we found under this tree! ;)  Job was quite the trooper for picture day! =)
The 3 Musketeers!
My wonderful family!
This picture is my favorite!
I am beyond blessed!  Thank You, God, for my beautiful family that You have graciously given to me.
I really don't think these 3 can get any cuter?
My beautiful Jadyn Grace!  Quite the handful, but oh so much fun!
So thankful for the laughs I have with my hilarious husband!  And, of course, I'm so thankful for my new bouncing baby boy.
Thankful for scotch tape to keep Gabe standing still for another picture! ;)
I absolutely love this picture!!!!

Lego Mario

Mj's newest Lego creation - Mario!  He worked on this for a couple of evenings!  I'm so proud of him! =)   He made it without instructions just his imagination!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Breakthrough in Reading!

Jadyn's been working hard in preschool and I think we've had a break through with her reading blends!  Woo Hoo!!!!  I love how excited she gets when it's school time!  Here's our past 2 weeks in pics.

Working on scissor skills.
A trip to the zoo is always a fun way to spend a day of school!
Working on our phonics sounds.
Coloring some fall leaves.
Working on the number 7.
Handwriting practice.
Working on phonics.

So proud of her "s" she made!

8 Squirrels
Proud of her color by number scarecrow.

Our Tot School Week

Gabe is 33 months old
Tot School
 Here's Gabe's week of totschool:
Puzzle fun
A trip to the zoo. His favorite is the elephant and giraffe.
Lots of garage fun with cars.  Here his big sis Jadyn was helping him to learn to share! :)
Gabe is all about his big brother Mj's legos.  On this day the Lego men were fighting the elephant on the chair.  Quite the battle.
No day is complete with out a super hero saving the day.
Coloring his dry erase book.
Oh tot school with a boy!  Gabe's been working on his colors while we play cars and counting as he plays cars and super heroes.  Love my rambunctious boy! =)
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