Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When a Stomach Virus Changes Your Plans

I had been looking forward to going to camp with our teens and the day we were to leave, well a stomach virus hit me and I had to stay home.  I seriously, don't remember being so sick.  It was quite chaotic trying to figure out if I could go, if I should fly up the next day, if my husband should stay with me.  Ugh!  I was truly disappointed.  I was looking forward to being spiritually encouraged during the week, being kidless for a week, hanging out with my husband and SIL and BIL for the week, getting to know our teens better, and well, just having fun.  I still have no idea why God allowed this stomach virus to hit.  Maybe it was to have me pray more for our teens, maybe it was to make me stop and rest.  I still am not 100%.  It's been great for my waist line.  I've lost 5 lbs.  I'm looking forward to having an appetite again and gaining all my strength back.

Gabe & Jadyn loved all the game time and movie watching they got.
Mark was good about sending me pics of MJ.  He loves camp!
On Thursday which is family reunion day at camp, I wore my youth group shirt so I could at least be with them in spirit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Day Full of Freebies!

We had a fun morning celebrating Cow Appreciation Day and 7/11! If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal at Chick-fil-A.   

Look at my adorable calves.  I thought Job would be pulling his spots off and taking his ears off, but he was so excited about being a "cow" he kept it all on and kept checking himself out in the mirror.

Mj said I was embarrassing him with my cow costume - Oh my!  I guess we are nearing those teen years aren't we?  I had fun being THAT embarrassing mom! =)
On the way home, we de-cowed ourselves and  enjoyed free Slurpees at 7-11 to celebrate it being 7/11!! 
So now we are all very full.  Time to sleep off all the junk food! ;)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jadyn's Lost Her First Tooth

Well, more like it was yanked out of her mouth! ;) She's been so anxious to get that wiggly tooth out.  Last night at a friend's bday party, her friend Emma said she could pull it out. So after a few minutes of this.....
She came over to us looking like this!  Her first tooth is out!
She was so proud of her baby tooth in her baggie and the hole in her little mouth.  She looks so different.  My baby girl is growing up!
She was asking all sorts of questions about tooth fairies, grown up teeth, and what happens to our baby teeth after they come out.  Such a fun time!

Independence Day 2014

We had a fun Independence Day! Our day started by surprising the kids and taking them to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2".  We all loved it!
After some swimming and a yummy cookout with family and friends, we headed to the Biltmore for fireworks!
Job & Sydney decided to wrestle Gabe to waste some time.
Jules & Jadyn in their matching outfits.
Mj had fun finding golf balls all over the place.
And then finally the fireworks began!  They were amazing! 
What a privilege to live in America.  I love this country and the freedom we have here. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"My Arm is Floating"

Gabe got his cast off today and the first words he says....., "My arm is floating!"  He's hilarious!  We're so thankful that God healed his arm so quickly!  I asked Gabe who healed his arm and he said, "Jesus and my cast!"  Hopefully, that's the last broken bone we have to deal with for a long time.  For some reason, I doubt it though. ;)

A Quick and Eventful Trip to PA

Last Wednesday we loaded up the rental minivan with 3 healthy kids and 1 kid who was throwing up and pretty miserable and headed for the long trip to Pa to see my brother-in-law get married. 

Poor Gabe was so sick. Thankfully, it only lasted a day and a half and he was feeling better by the time we go to Pa.
Friday morning we spent hanging out with cousins.  The kids were pumped that Aunt Julie had popsicles!
Friday night was rehearsal night.  My kids loved catching lightning bugs.  One of the things we miss in Miami.  Gabe doesn't remember lightning bugs cause he was so little when we moved, but he sure knows what they are now!  He loved catching them.
Jadyn remembered how much fun catching lightning bugs was.
I got some cuddles in with my niece Zoe at the Rehearsal, too.
Saturday afternoon we headed over to the bride's grandma's house to get dressed.  Isn't she a beautiful flower girl?
I could not handle the cuteness of Job in his bow tie!  Seriously, he was the cutest boy at the wedding!
Flower girls pics with the bride and groom.
Jadyn and Uncle Benny take a moment to be serious together.  I think Gabe's embarrassed by them.
My beautiful family of 6! We clean up good! ;)
The wagon was a crowd pleaser while we waited for the wedding to begin.
Jadyn did a great job carrying her balloons up the aisle.
Getting ready to let the balloons go when the bride and groom kiss.
There they go!
Cannot believe it's been almost 13 years since this handsome man and me said, "I do."
Job loved pulling the wagon around.
Gabe decided to take a ride in the wagon.
Pics with Uncle Seth

On Sunday we went to our former church in Pa.  These guys were pretty excited to be reunited!

Back at the grandparents the cousins make a mess with hotwheel cars.
These cousins taking a break from some serious hide and seek fun.
We took the kids to Chocolate World.  Poor Uncle Timmy didn't realize Job has a death grip! LOL
Job loved the singing cows!
We let Uncle Benny take the kids in his own car!
We finished our trip with a trip to Annie's for some yummy ice cream!
Our attempt at a cousin pic!
Saying good-bye to Papa!
We drove straight through and we were a little nervous that at 2 am this guy was wide awake climbing all over the van.  Thankfully, he fell right back to sleep and slept the  last 5 hours of the trip.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take a Trip Tuesday Ended with a Trip to the ER

Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning, Job was napping and the 3 older kiddos were playing outside.  Jadyn brought Gabe in screaming. I've never heard him scream like that before.  He was holding his wrist and wouldn't calm down.  I couldn't figure out what happened.  Jadyn said he was running and jumping around the yard being silly and then started screaming.  Gabe finally calmed down and said he jumped and fell on his arm.  I knew pretty quickly that we needed to get him to the ER cause something was probably broken.  Thankfully, my sis-in-law was able to watch the 3 kids with limbs still in tact and I drove Gabe to the hospital.

He was so sad on the way there.  Every bump I drove over hurt his arm.  I slammed on my brakes once and he said "Mommy!!!" I apologized and said the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes. His response: "He's a bad man.  Where is the police who is going to get him."

We made it to the ER and didn't have to wait too long.  Thankfully, they have a children's ER which was awesome!  I was very impressed with them!

Gabe was so brave!  The nurse gave him a sling and ice to help his arm feel better and got some medicine in him.  The doctor came and said that they were going to send him for X-rays.

Here he was still in a lot of pain waiting for his ride to the x-ray room.  Thankfully Wild Kratts was on TV and that kept his mind off the pain for a little bit. 
He was so excited when the nurse told him his bed was going to turn into a roller coaster and take him to the X-ray room!  He loved the "secret doors" they had to go through and was so excited to be on a bed that had wheels.
The X-ray was a bit tough.  It hurt to hold his arm a certain way, but he was so brave.  They gave him a Dora sticker after it was all over.  (They were out of all super hero stickers).
The doctor came in after seeing the x-ray and said that they couldn't see a fracture, but the growth plate probably is fractured which doesn't show on x-rays.  They treat it like a fracture so he would have to have a cast.
A nurse let him pick out a movie while he waited.  He chose Shrek.
The orthopedic tech came in and asked what color cast he wanted. Gabe wanted yellow, but they didn't have yellow so he chose - purple!  We were laughing so hard.  So he got a "cool-purple" cast!

He was pretty excited about his cast!
After he got his cast and a new sling, his nurse gave him a popsicle while we waited to be discharged.  And another nurse came in with some Spiderman stickers for him.

A happy patient.
Gabe was excited to get home and show his cast to his brothers and sister!  When we finally got everyone home Jadyn had a gift for Gabe.
The first thing Gabe said this morning was "I have a broken arm."  He keeps showing it to our dog Streak saying, "Streak, I have a broken arm."  He's been a little frustrated eating, playing, and coloring with his left hand only.  He keeps saying, "I can't do it. I only have one arm cause I have a broken arm."
The kids got excited when I asked if they wanted to sign Gabe's cast. Mj went first.
Jadyn wanted to write a book. She was content writing her name with a heart and I Love You.
Our signatures. Later Gabe wanted me to write Job's name and Streak's name.
Jadyn wants a cast, too but she does not want a broken arm.  She's enjoyed wearing the sling around when Gabe's not wearing it.
This has been Gabe most of the day today... Watching TV, with his arm on a pillow, with ice, and Streak by his side.

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