Thursday, August 30, 2012

A New Bed for Jadyn

Since the baby will be sharing a room with Jadyn for awhile and the bedrooms in the house aren't very big, we decided we needed to get Jadyn a loft bed. So over the weekend we headed to my favorite place in the entire world - IKEA!  We found the perfect loft bed for her and Mark and Jadyn got to work putting it together.  I took her Tuesday for her to pick out sheets for her bed.  She was so excited to sleep in her new bed.  The crib will go under her bed and I still need to move the owl decals on her wall to a better location since that was the only place the bed could go.  She did inform me last night that I'm not allowed on her bed because I am too big!  She thinks I'm bigger than daddy!  That's fine with me.  She can make her bed! ;)

First night in her bed!
The adorable bin I couldn't pass up.  Jadyn said she wants Job's toys to go in there so she can get to his toys when he's crying.  She's going to be such a mommy!
So proud of making her bed without being told the next morning.

A Shower & Ultrasound

Tuesday night I was surprised with a baby shower that my sis-in-law and friends threw for me! I was told I was going to a 31 party, but here the party was for me! I was so blessed by all the gifts Job & I received.  I'll put up pics of the shower when I get them.  But here's a pic of the generous gifts we got.  I must say that all the adorable baby clothes make me even more ready to see my baby!
On Wednesday I got to see my baby one last time before he gets here!  At my doctor appointment on Monday, I was measuring 41 weeks and I'm only 37 weeks.  So they wanted to check his size.  He's not too big.  He's weighing in at 7 lbs., but knowing that my last 2 kids were over 8 lbs. they said he's right on track.  The ultrasound tech said he has nice plump lips - he gets that from his daddy!  It was great to see him again and know that he's healthy and doing well.  2 and 1/2 weeks til he'll be in my arms!!!!  I cannot wait!  We're anxiously awaiting your arrival Job Michael!!!  We can't wait til you get here!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clothes for Job!

I had a little too much fun shopping clearance sections today for Job!  Mj and Gabe were both Pennsylvania winter babies so Job definitely needs some shorts and t-shirts to survive a Miami fall! LOL  I can't wait to see him stylin' in his new clothes!

Monday, August 20, 2012

4 more weeks to go!!!

On Saturday I was 36 weeks pregnant!  4 more weeks to go!!  Definitely getting uncomfortable and so ready to hold this baby boy!!  He's been quite the active little guy and thinks my rib cage is a great place to play! Kind of crazy to think that soon we'll have 4 kids in our family!  Yikes!  Don't know if I'm quite ready for that! ;) LOL  Can't wait to meet you Job Michael!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Preschool Corner - A, Circles, and Red

Jadyn was so excited to start school up again once her big brother Mj started school this week!  I love seeing her enthusiasm to do school and learn.  She loves to do work books and crafts and coloring pages.  She's very easy to please!  Here's our week in pictures.

Working hard on her "red" paper.

She had to find a circle.
Tracing circles.
I love this app "The ABC's of God".  She worked on the letter "A".  Her little brother Gabe decided to check it out, too.
So proud of her apple craft and her school box she got on Sunday in Sunday School.
"This is hard work!"
Tracing and writing "A"
Circle the things that are small, color the things that are big.
Matching Big A and little A
Sequencing with apples and trees.
Jadyn loves to water our new hibiscus plants.  One of her new chores.
An experiment she made up on her own.  What happens to the water in the bucket if they put sidewalk chalk in it.  They played this for an hour!
I got some of my printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Be sure to check out Homeschool Creations for other preschool blogs!

Tot School - Gabe's First Solo TotSchool Appearance

Gabe is 30 months old
Tot School
 This is Gabe's first private appearance in totschool since I moved Jadyn up to preschool.  Boys are so much different than girls.  Jadyn could sit and do paper after paper at this age.  Gabe lasts through one paper and it's on to the next activity!  Here's what Gabe did this week.

 We did a dot-a-dot "A" paper.  I worked on him saying "A" sounds.
 He also enjoyed this apple paper.
 He enjoyed practicing his driving skills.
He decided to make balls out of the stackers.
One of his favorite toys.  He's had this since he was a year old and still loves it.
Blocks and a paper bag - lots of fun putting the blocks in the bag and taking them out of the bag.
And of course building towers.  We worked on color sorting the blocks, too.
Gabe found a toad and decided to chase it around our back yard.  Poor toad!
Gabe & Jadyn decided to see what would happen to the bucket of water if they put their sidewalk chalk in it.  They loved the colors the water would turn.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back Yard Fun!

This morning Jadyn & Gabe had a blast with a hose, a bucket, and sidewalk chalk! I love watching their imaginations grow and seeing them play together. They are buddies!

Jadyn watering our new hibiscus plants.
There was a toad hiding in the bushes so, of course, the kids had to chase the poor thing.
Jadyn needed to cool off from all that chasing.
Gabe decided to relax after the toad chasing.
An experiment - what happens to sidewalk chalk in a bucket of water?  The water turns colors and the chalk still will draw.  Fun times!

Monday, August 13, 2012

4th Grade

Mj's 1st day of 4th grade is today!  I cannot believe I have a 4th grader!  He was so excited about his new Angry Birds lunch box and seeing who would be in his class this year.  I can't wait to hear all about his day this afternoon!

Uncle Seth's Visit to Miami!

We were all very excited to have Seth come and visit us last week!! The kids were so excited and are still very sad that he had to go back to Pennsylvania. Here's some pictures from our week.

Picking up Seth at the airport.
We enjoyed a beautiful day at South Beach.
Dinner at Latin America Restaurant.
Someone tell this boy to stop growing!  We enjoyed checking out the boats at the marina.
Quite the pair.
We took Seth to the Alligator farm and brought our friend Ali, too.
Jadyn & Mj got to ride the air boat through the Everglades with Seth.
We had fun bowling with our friends and brought Seth along, too.  He let Gabe bowl for him.
One last hurrah at Chuck E Cheese's!  Mj loves the video games.
Gabe was fascinated with the merry go round.
Cousins and Chuck E. Cheese!  Doesn't get much better!
It was a great week and went way too fast! It's so much fun to have family around!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 Years

I cannot believe our wedding day was 11 years ago!!  I'm so thankful for the husband God has given me!  He's my best friend, a godly leader to our family, an amazing father to our children, and he makes me smile and laugh!  I could never have imagined what would happen in the 11 years after our wedding day - 3 and 8/9 kids, a move to Miami, and just all the highs and lows God has allowed in our lives.
Happy Anniversary Mark!  I love you more than words can say!!!!

Husband & Wife
 The wedding party
 Leaving the church
 Enjoying the reception.

And as I look back on our anniversary I always remember and am grateful for God's graciousness that day.  My mom had been sick for over a year.  And even the day of rehearsal we didn't think she'd be able to be at the wedding!  But God in his mercy, allowed her to have one of the best days she had had in probably over 6 months.  Her memory was alert, she knew what was going on, she was able to light the parents candles and take pictures with all of us.  Thank you God for allowing us to have that special day!!
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