Friday, August 17, 2012

Tot School - Gabe's First Solo TotSchool Appearance

Gabe is 30 months old
Tot School
 This is Gabe's first private appearance in totschool since I moved Jadyn up to preschool.  Boys are so much different than girls.  Jadyn could sit and do paper after paper at this age.  Gabe lasts through one paper and it's on to the next activity!  Here's what Gabe did this week.

 We did a dot-a-dot "A" paper.  I worked on him saying "A" sounds.
 He also enjoyed this apple paper.
 He enjoyed practicing his driving skills.
He decided to make balls out of the stackers.
One of his favorite toys.  He's had this since he was a year old and still loves it.
Blocks and a paper bag - lots of fun putting the blocks in the bag and taking them out of the bag.
And of course building towers.  We worked on color sorting the blocks, too.
Gabe found a toad and decided to chase it around our back yard.  Poor toad!
Gabe & Jadyn decided to see what would happen to the bucket of water if they put their sidewalk chalk in it.  They loved the colors the water would turn.

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