Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Splash Pad and Play Ground!

Yesterday we went with a bunch of friends to try out the zoo's new splash pad and play ground!!! The kids had a blast - even with the isolated downpours that seemed to isolate right over where we were!  I'm so thankful for the friends that I and my kids have made!  It makes trips like this more fun!

Titus, Jadyn, & Ali walk across the crocodile while Julia looks on.
MJ & Kaylee playing in the downpour!
All the kiddos
Gabe & his cousin Julia getting wet at the splash pad.
Mj thought these were cool!
Jadyn climbs the hippo at the play ground.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

One of our favorite things about living in Miami is being able to go to the beach.... A LOT!!!  So yesterday we decided to head to Key Biscayne and try out Virginia Key Beach.  We loved it and will definitely be making this one of our go to beaches!  We had a fun morning being together as a family!  The kids were worn out and they all took naps that afternoon (that NEVER happens!).  It was a great day!

Jadyn excited to be at the beach!
Mj doing his "happy beach" dance!
Lunch time
Jadyn tried out my boogie board for the first time and now I think her life's ambition is to be a surfer!
Mj relaxing on his boogie board.
I love watching Gabe at the beach!!  He just takes it all in.  Even the sea grass is interesting to him!!
Once Gabe realized Mj and Jadyn were boogie boarding he decided he should join in, too.

24 weeks Pregnant!

16 more weeks to go!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Vacation So Far

The kids have been enjoying summer vacation. It's a different element having Mj home again and, of course, there have been fights and some "room time" to keep them all separated but overall it's been good.  I love having Mj home again!  Here's some pics of what the kids have been up to the second half of this week.

Mj and Mark priming the desk Mark is making for Mj. Mj has helped design the desk for homework and Lego playing.  It's been a fun project for him and Mark to work on together.
The kids love to color and draw together.
Mj & Jadyn work on the U.S. puzzle.  Mj was teaching Jadyn all the states.
Of course, they enjoy some sprinkler fun in the backyard.
Mj enjoys aiming the water to hit the house or his brother or sister.
And of course chores are on the list of things to do this summer.  Thankfully, Gabe still enjoys doing chores! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Fathomless Love

Lord, what moved Your heart to love lowly man
Before any star could herald Your praise?
And why did You come, abasing Yourself
Veiled in a robe of frail human clay?
Why would You, the pure, give Your life for the vile
The innocent seeking the guilty
To be reconciled?

Why would You adopt and take as Your own
Those who had crushed Your one precious Son?
Why mercy and grace towards Your enemies?
Your name they have cursed and Your throne they have shunned
Oh, how could You choose to show kindness to these?
The ones who would mock You and hate You
The ones just like me?

I can’t comprehend this fathomless love
I’m gripped and amazed at what You have done
Why would the adored become the despised
To bear all the furious wrath that was mine?
How awesome this mystery
Of Your fathomless love for me

Words by Steve & Vicki Cook

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Boy Finished 3rd Grade!!!

Mj's last day of 3rd grade was today!  Wow!!  I cannot believe it!  I can't believe my boy is going to be in 4th grade in the fall! And I can't believe we survived our first year of "real" school!  I remember last year feeling so many emotions about him going to school when we decided to move to Miami.  As tough of a decision it was for me to "let him go", it really was the best for him.  He loved school, his teacher, the friends he made.  He learned so much academically, socially, spiritually.  It was a great year for him and I'm so thankful for all the hard work he put into it.  Here are some pictures from his award ceremony this morning.

Receiving his certificates.
Mj's 3rd grade class
Mark was able to come and enjoy the awards ceremony and end of year party. (It's awesome that he can work on campus and get to enjoy these special moments!)
I am one proud momma!!!
I made a Welcome to Summer banner for him to come home to.
Mj with his certificates and trophy. He received academic excellence certificate, Christian character award, Math award, and Principal's list certificate and trophy (All A's all year)
I am so thankful for Mj's diligence and for God's grace in his life.  It's been awesome to see Mj grow academically and spiritually.

II Timothy 2:15 - "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Someone couldn't even make it into bed last night they were so tired!

Awana Awards 2012

Our church in Pa didn't do Awana so this has been a new experience for us with Awana here in Miami.  The kids look forward to Wednesdays and are soaking up God's Word!  Even Gabe has picked up on songs in Puggles and loves going to class.  Their leaders are amazing and have such patience!  Last night was their Awana Awards night.  They were all beaming as they received their awards.  I'm so thankful that they are hiding God's Word in their hearts and loving it!

Gabe got his Puggles Participation Certificate.  He was ready to get out of there as soon as he received his award.  So thankful for Bethany who took him out and watched him so I could see the rest of my kids get their awards! =)
Jadyn finished her first Cubbies book and got the Apple Tree Award.
Mj finished his 1st book in TNT and got a pin and a medal.  He was pretty pumped about it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Great Mother's Day

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and little voices whispering loudly about "mommy's surprises" .  I received sweet gifts, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and got an extra treat from my husband (Papa John's Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza and a Pepsi for our after church dinner).  It was a fun day being with my family!

Mj made me a beautiful poem which he framed and a 3-d elephant lego picture.
Gabe, well... he decided to wake me up at 1:30 am with a super wet diaper and needed his sheets changed, too.
Jadyn made me a lego airplane.
Trying to take a pic with 3 kids for Mother's Day isn't usually a success.  Oh well.  I love these crazy kids! =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day weekend and for the past 10 years Mother's Day has been bittersweet. I'm so privileged to be a mom and yet I miss my mom. I wish I could shower my mom with flowers and thank her over and over for all she taught me on how to be a great mom.  I long for her to see her grand kids grow and get to know their personalities.  I wish they could have met my mom (although my mom would have spoiled those kids rotten and loved every minute of it).
So on this Mother's Day I just want to thank God for the blessing He gave me in my life of a mom who was my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, my confidant, and sometimes my partner in crime.  She truly has made me into the mom I am today and I look forward to the day I will see her face to face again.

This picture was 1 month and 2 days before my mom went to be with Jesus.  It was the best she had been in months and I'm so grateful that God gave her my wedding day as a special day for both of us.
And I'm thankful for these blessings that call me Mom every day.  Sometimes, I want to cry because I fail them, but God gives strength when I am weak.  These precious kids are what make every tear and triumph worth it!!!

Love my Jadyn, Gabe, & MJ
And love my precious Job growing inside my belly (and kicking me right now as I type).
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot Day at the Zoo

On Monday, the kids were driving me nuts so I decided it would be a great morning to head to the zoo.  They love the zoo and never get tired of it!  Here's some pictures from our fun morning!

Thankfully, I had a quarter in my wallet so they could feed the birds.
We got to see the tiger get a snack.
Jadyn loves all the animal "statues" in the zoo.  She insists on climbing on each one and getting a picture.
Digging for dinosaur bones
My little birdies.
We found a peacock in the aviary.
Gabe was all excited to see the rhino in the water.
They were so ready to run off some energy and cool off in the splash pad!
On the way out, my pantless cutie wanted a picture with the baby elephant statue.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting Too Big Too Fast!

I took this picture of Gabe and then almost started to cry (yes, I'm sure my pregnant hormones have a huge part of crying at the drop of a hat). Gabe just looked so old in this picture! He's getting too big too fast! I love my Gabey Baby!
Gabe & his best friend in the whole world right now, Streak. Of course, sometimes Streak really wishes Gabe would find a new best friend! LOL

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