Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Great Week!

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was great!  The kids were really cooperative, school wasn't a "chore", we had some fun activities.  It was the best week we've had in a long time. 
We started our school week at the beach! Maybe that's why our week went so well! ;)  One of my favorite things about living in Miami is going to the beach.  This was the first we had been to the beach in a couple of months, because believe it or not the days we would plan to go to the beach would be cold (I'm talking in the 70s - and yes, that is cold to us in South Florida ;))

MJ - 6th Grade
 Mj has been working really hard.  He's learning about the space shuttle and International Space Staton.  We had a lot of fun looking up youtube videos about exercising in space, sleeping in space, eating in space.  Lots of fun learning going on! 
Mj also finished up learning about ancient Rome.  We both loved the Drive Through History videos on ancient Rome.
Mj's been working on measurement in math and adjectives & adverbs in English.
Jadyn - 1st Grade
Jadyn has been writing books.  I love to watch her trying to spell words all on her own and she has been reading a lot more. 
She's been loving her chapter on metric measurement in math.  She loves using a ruler.
In heritage studies she started learning about Jamestown. She thinks it's pretty cool that I've been there.
In science she's learning about the sun, moon, and stars.  One day we got some Oreos out and learned the phases of the moon.  I won mom of the year on that day! ;)

Gabe & Job - Preschool & Totschool
Gabe has been learning about the letter "T".  He loves to sing his "T" song. 
Job has been working on his colors.  He loves sort his cars by color. 
This week we started watching a live Eagle cam.  My kids are addicted.  We leave the Ipad on the counter and they check on the momma eagle throughout the day.  They've gotten to see both the mom and dad at least once a day.  We are anxiously waiting for the 2 eggs to hatch! 

 On Friday to celebrate the first day of spring, we bought some flowers and planted some seeds. We talked about what seeds and plants need to grow.  It was a messy and fun activity to do together!


That was our week!  Check out other homeschool families at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Fair

We look forward to the fair every year! So the kids were so pumped when we told them yesterday that the fair open that day and we were going!

We started our fair experience watching the high divers.
They were very fun to watch!
Jadyn & Gabe got their pictures with 2 of the high divers.
Jadyn and Gabe were so excited to find their artwork they entered for the craft exhibits had both one first place! Their pictures are the Egyptian pyramids behind them. (We looked all over for Mj's project but couldn't find it.  We'll look again when we go to the fair again in a week or so)
We were glad to go to the fair with our friends Ali & Zoe.  They loved the fire truck.
Cute tomatoes.
Mj and I checking out the fun stuff at the fair. Ummm... he is seriously almost as tall as me!
Gabe loved the butterfly exhibit.  This butterfly stayed with him the whole time.
Hello camel!
Job loves animals!  He loved mooing at the cow.
Fun with friends at the fair!

I'm So Behind!

I've gotten so far behind on my blogging. My blogging has taken a back seat the past couple of weeks since life has just been... well... busy!  Here's some pics of what we've been up to.  Learning is going on.  Flexibility has been going on.  I have to remind myself that when my day doesn't go as planned, it's ok! The kids are learning life lessons and life skills and homeschool is not just about learning from a book!

Mj and Jadyn learned about Greece for their co-op's geography fair.  They did a great job on their presentation! 
We've had a blast at the zoo.  Right now the zoo has dinosaur exhibits throughout and the kids are loving learning about the different dinosaurs!
Gabe loves the ABC's of God app.
Most days you can find Job either playing cars or playing balls. He's a man on the move.  He seriously only stops to sleep at night.  He's even given up his afternoon nap! =(
Gabe has really gotten into Legos and I'm thankful that Mj's such a great big brother and helps Gabe put his sets together!
Mj & Jadyn competed in the Awana games a couple of weeks ago.  It was Mj's last Awana games so it was the last time they'll be competing together.  They did great! I was so proud of them!
Gabe loves different kinds of puzzles.
We've had some fun learning about frogs and this frog has been hanging out on our back porch. I love that they can get up close and personal to all the fun wild life in our own backyard.

So that was a very quick summary of what we've been doing.  I've started working on getting next years curriculum and I have decided that next year we will homeschool year round.  I'm really excited about it.  I think it will be a great fit for us. 

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