Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm So Behind!

I've gotten so far behind on my blogging. My blogging has taken a back seat the past couple of weeks since life has just been... well... busy!  Here's some pics of what we've been up to.  Learning is going on.  Flexibility has been going on.  I have to remind myself that when my day doesn't go as planned, it's ok! The kids are learning life lessons and life skills and homeschool is not just about learning from a book!

Mj and Jadyn learned about Greece for their co-op's geography fair.  They did a great job on their presentation! 
We've had a blast at the zoo.  Right now the zoo has dinosaur exhibits throughout and the kids are loving learning about the different dinosaurs!
Gabe loves the ABC's of God app.
Most days you can find Job either playing cars or playing balls. He's a man on the move.  He seriously only stops to sleep at night.  He's even given up his afternoon nap! =(
Gabe has really gotten into Legos and I'm thankful that Mj's such a great big brother and helps Gabe put his sets together!
Mj & Jadyn competed in the Awana games a couple of weeks ago.  It was Mj's last Awana games so it was the last time they'll be competing together.  They did great! I was so proud of them!
Gabe loves different kinds of puzzles.
We've had some fun learning about frogs and this frog has been hanging out on our back porch. I love that they can get up close and personal to all the fun wild life in our own backyard.

So that was a very quick summary of what we've been doing.  I've started working on getting next years curriculum and I have decided that next year we will homeschool year round.  I'm really excited about it.  I think it will be a great fit for us. 

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