Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Do You Do with Pretzel Rods?

Have a pretzel battle of course! 

Cubbies Round Up

Look at my adorable cowgirl and cowboy ready to go to Awana!


Never Thought...

...the kids would be in swimsuits outside in February.  Never would have done this in Pennsylvania! =)  So yes, we are enjoying our first winter in Florida!



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots of Fun at Legoland!

On Friday, we finally got to take Mj to Legoland!  You can check out this post of us surprising Mj and letting him know he was going to Legoland!  He's been anticipating this big day and he had so much fun!!  Here are pictures from our fun day at Legoland Florida!

After almost 4 hours in the car, MJ was so exited to finally be at the front gate of Legoland!
I was laughing so hard when I looked over and saw Mark and Mj checking out the maps while we waited for our first ride.  Like father, like son!
Mj was a bit nervous to ride the island sky view.  He didn't like how high it went, but once he was up there he loved it!
The sky view of Legoland
Mj was very excited about the Lego Darth Vader. 
Getting ready to go to the Fun Town Theater.
Looking very cool in our 3d glasses
We enjoyed a pizza & pasta buffet for lunch! It was delicious!!! 
New York City in Miniland USA.  Very cool!
The capital in Washington D.C. 
Driving school.  He obeyed all the traffic laws.  Scary to think how soon he will actually be behind a wheel! Yikes!
He got his drivers' license.
Mark and Mj both loved this Lego Explorer.
If anyone knows me, they know I love roller coasters.  However, being pregnant - no roller coaster for me.  I was so bummed! =(
This was Mj's first roller coaster.  Ok, so maybe I bribed him to actually face his fear and get on it.  He hated it, but at least he faced his fear!  He calls it the death ride. LOL 
Albert Einstein and my little genius.
Heading into the medieval castle. 
Mj jumped on the carousel before the downpour began.
It wouldn't be Florida without some afternoon rain.  We waited out the rain by eating some delicious apple fries!
Soaking wet and full of apple fries!  I love this man!=)
Mj bought 3 lego sets with his birthday and Christmas money.  Of course, he couldn't wait til we got home to start building! LOL 
We had such a fun day!  It's been awhile since it was just the 3 of us.  I'm glad we could enjoy a day with our oldest child spoiling him rotten and watching him enjoy himself so much! He's already asking to go back very soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh the Deep, Deep Love

"Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Vast unmeasured, boundless, free,
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me,
Underneath me, all around me
Is the current of Your love,
Leading onward, leading homeward
To Your glorious rest above.

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Spread His praise from shore to shore,
How He came to pay our ransom
Through the saving cross He bore;
How He watches o'er His loved ones,
Those He died to make His own,
How for them He's interceding,
Pleading now before the throne.

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Far surpassing all the rest,
It's an ocean full of blessing
In the midst of every test.
Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Mighty Saviour, precious friend,
You will bring us home to glory,
Where Your love will never end.

Oh the deep, deep love,
All I need and trust
Is the deep, deep love
Of Jesus."

Original words by Samuel Trevor Francis. Alternate words by Bob Kauflin

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday MJ!

Yesterday was Mj's 9th birthday!  I cannot believe my little man is 9 years old!  I love his spunk, crazy boyishness, and his tender heart!  It's been a growing year for him and he really has become a little man.  He's always there to take care of me (he even makes his own lunch so that I don't have morning sickness).  Mj, I love you so much and I pray that you will continue to allow God to work in your life!

We took Mj and his class cupcakes during recess to celebrate his birthday!
We'll continue the celebration next Friday when Mark and I take Mj to Legoland for the day!  You only get a golden birthday once! =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mj's 9th Birthday Party!

Mj's birthday is on Thursday, so he had 2 of his friends come over for a sleepover this weekend! They were full of energy and had so much fun!  Here's the fun in pictures!

 After the boys got home from school they played some ninja dodge ball in the back yard.

They enjoyed pizza for dinner. 
Mj was excited about his lego ninjago set from Levi.
And he loved his Anakin Skywalker action figure from Sutton. 
 I made a light saber cake for Mj's birthday! 
I cannot believe how many candles are on that cake!!!!  
After cake the boys watch Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2.  They got to bed a little after midnight and slept til about 7:00 this morning.  

Mj had a walkathon at school to raise money for missions conference so we all went to the school this morning.
He ran and ran!
He did 6 laps around the campus!!  (Pretty much a 5k!!!)  I was so proud of him!!!
We came home and got out the water balloon launcher that Uncle Marcus and Aunt Lydia got Mj for his birthday!
They loved the water balloons.  And that was definitely a first for Mj's birthday - water balloons in February!!!  Cool!
He ended his day opening up his gifts from Uncle Steve, Aunt Leah, Micah, & Ryan.  
The boys loved looking through the Lego idea book! 
So I think the boys had a lot of fun.  They were very sad when they had to leave!  I see many more sleepovers in their future!!!  So thankful for the friends Mj has made down here!!

Tot School - Taking it easy with "W"

Jadyn is 43 months old & Gabe is 24 months old.
We took it easy this week.  I'm still struggling with morning sickness.  So we did a few activities this week. We focused on the letter "W", reviewed the number "14", and household objects. Here's what we did.

Jadyn decided to make up a song for our morning board this week.
We reviewed the number 14. 
We size sorted watermelons.
She played with my ipad a lot this week. She loves this app, the ABC's of God.
She was also very interested in this phonics computer.
She enjoyed doing some stamping with her Curious George stamps. 
I found her with her Cubbies book for Awana, just making up her own stories with the pictures!

Gabe celebrated his 2nd birthday this week!  He's so full of energy and of course he had a fun week of totschool, too.

Working on his "W" paper.
He decided to have a car pile up with his car garage.
He loved when I let him play tumbling monkeys!
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