Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Look to the Ant

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my kids. I get to have opportunities like I did this day to share the amazing creation God has made for us to enjoy and to learn from. We were outside enjoying a beautiful afternoon wen Jadyn & Gabe noticed a line of ants walking down the sidewalk.  One of the ants was carrying a leaf and I shared with them how strong ants are and what hard workers they are.  And that God tells us in the Bible that we are to look at the ants, because they are a good example of hard workers.  Ants are not lazy.  So we watched them some more and thanked God for creating ants!

Jadyn decided to catch an ant and let it crawl on her hand.
I even taught Job about ants.  He was such a good listener.=)
Watching the ants walk down the sidewalk.


Is there anything better than blowing bubbles on a beautiful morning?

First Time in the Big Tub

Look who had his first bath in the big bath tub!!  Jadyn & Gabe were so excited to have Job join them at bath time this past weekend! They wanted to help wash him which was not very enjoyable for Job, but he survived! ;)  Job loved grabbing the bubbles in the bath!  He's getting to be such a big boy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 Months Old

Job is 7 months old today!  He loves to roll - everywhere!  He does not stay in one place anymore!  He's starting to enjoy his exersaucer more.  He loves yogurt, sweet potatoes, and mangoes!  His two bottom teeth have just started to cut through. He's such a happy baby!  He sure does add so much to our family!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Love Music

Jadyn has loved music since she was a baby.  She is always making up songs or singing her favorite songs over and over and over.  She has recently been all about me playing piano and her singing.  Her favorite right now is "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High".  A couple weeks ago I let her video herself singing.  She forgot how the last line goes, but it just made the video cuter! =)  I love to hear this girl sing especially when she's singing praises to our Lord! Her favorite songs right now to sing are "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High", "Mighty to Save", "Our God is an Awesome God", and "You are My All in All"! I love sharing my love for music with her and being able to sing and play piano with her!

First Teeth

On Sunday I finally got a glimpse of Job's first teeth!  They finally cut through after months of teething! Two bottom teeth!  His smile will be looking different very soon! I tried to get a pic of those teeth, but Job was more interested in grabbing my iphone and trying to chew on it!=)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating our Risen Savior

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! I love celebrating what this holiday means and the importance it is for our faith! Christ is alive!!!!!  I try to do some kind of activity with the kids each day of Passion week so I thought I'd share what we did this week.

Palm Sunday - Jesus enters Jerusalem.  The kids made people out of pipe cleaners.
Jadyn waving her palm branch.
The kids made playdough and made a hill and tomb for later in the week.
Mj working hard on his cross craft.
Jadyn deciding what color to use next.
Gabe making a mess! =)
The finished cross.
Gabe was pretty proud of his.
Jadyn's picture
Dying Easter eggs is always a highlight of our Easter traditions.
Jadyn lifting her blue egg out of the dye.
Gabe coloring his egg.
Lots of colorful eggs.
Mj's smiley egg.
Gabe checking his egg out.
Jadyn was very happy with her pink egg.
Making resurrection rolls.
Gabe dipping his marshmallows in cinnamon and sugar.
Ready to go in the oven.
Christ is risen!
Gabe was so excited to see the empty tomb!
Mj's tomb is empty, too.
We read the crucifixion story.
Sunday morning the kids woke up to find that Jesus is risen!!  Mark asked Gabe where Jesus was.  Gabe said, "He went bye! bye!" Then he yelled "Jesus is alive!" He sat down to eat his cereal and just kept staring at the tomb with a funny look on his face.  I think he really thought the pipe cleaner Jesus got up and left the house! LOL
Job's first Easter and I must say he looked very handsome!
Jadyn & MJ ready for Easter service.
Gabe was not too excited about his outfit.
Trying to get a picture with their cousin Julia.
Dressed in their Easter best!
My handsome husband and I in our Easter best.
Easter egg hunt time!
Gabe dove for the egg.
Jadyn found one by the tree.
Mj found the hard ones.
He also found the last egg that was the hardest with a little help from me! ;)

Spring Break 2013

Last week Mj had spring break so we had a blast having him at home with us for the week! Here's our week in pictures!

We played games. Tumbling Monkeys
Chutes & Ladders
Go Fish
Lots of games! =)
We enjoyed our back yard! Hulk came out to play.
The playset became a pirate ship.
A sword fight.
We enjoyed playing at the playground at church.
Gabe loved the slides!
And his new skill hanging from the bars.

Jadyn loves to jump off everything!
Our friend Rey came over to play at the playground!
We enjoyed lunch at Chuck E Cheese one day.
Gabe loves the carousel.
Mj got a strike.
Gabe practicing his dance moves.
Nice shot Gabe!
Somehow Job slept through the noise.
The kids were excited that their cousin Julia came, too.
We went to the fair again! =)
Job pet a goat for the first time.
Jadyn loves the fair!
Gabe and I playing with my camera while we wait for Mark to get back with some yummy food!
MJ was such a help with the kids at the fair!
Job slept at the fair.
We had a fun day at the zoo!
Checking out the fish.
My little nerds! They read every sign! =)
Trying to find the snake.
Gabey Jaguar
I love my girl!
A day at the zoo is not complete without a ride on an anteater.
My monkeys!
Job decided that he's a big boy now and wanted his stroller seat facing outward so he could see the kids playing at the playground! Such a big boy!

The kids were so pumped they got tattoos at the zoo!
Mj showing off his tattoo.
Gabe showing off his muscles!
We enjoyed a fun evening at Virginia Key.
Our beautiful view for a dinner on the beach!
Then we drove over to the other side of the Key to watch the sunset over Brickel Bay.
The kids had fun at their friend Ali's Tinkerbell party.

We enjoyed our last night of spring break in the back yard playing baseball.
Jadyn's got quite a hit!
It was a great week with my precious family!  We made lots of fun memories!  So thankful for the beautiful weather we had and the precious people in my family!
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