Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take a Trip Tuesday Ended with a Trip to the ER

Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning, Job was napping and the 3 older kiddos were playing outside.  Jadyn brought Gabe in screaming. I've never heard him scream like that before.  He was holding his wrist and wouldn't calm down.  I couldn't figure out what happened.  Jadyn said he was running and jumping around the yard being silly and then started screaming.  Gabe finally calmed down and said he jumped and fell on his arm.  I knew pretty quickly that we needed to get him to the ER cause something was probably broken.  Thankfully, my sis-in-law was able to watch the 3 kids with limbs still in tact and I drove Gabe to the hospital.

He was so sad on the way there.  Every bump I drove over hurt his arm.  I slammed on my brakes once and he said "Mommy!!!" I apologized and said the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes. His response: "He's a bad man.  Where is the police who is going to get him."

We made it to the ER and didn't have to wait too long.  Thankfully, they have a children's ER which was awesome!  I was very impressed with them!

Gabe was so brave!  The nurse gave him a sling and ice to help his arm feel better and got some medicine in him.  The doctor came and said that they were going to send him for X-rays.

Here he was still in a lot of pain waiting for his ride to the x-ray room.  Thankfully Wild Kratts was on TV and that kept his mind off the pain for a little bit. 
He was so excited when the nurse told him his bed was going to turn into a roller coaster and take him to the X-ray room!  He loved the "secret doors" they had to go through and was so excited to be on a bed that had wheels.
The X-ray was a bit tough.  It hurt to hold his arm a certain way, but he was so brave.  They gave him a Dora sticker after it was all over.  (They were out of all super hero stickers).
The doctor came in after seeing the x-ray and said that they couldn't see a fracture, but the growth plate probably is fractured which doesn't show on x-rays.  They treat it like a fracture so he would have to have a cast.
A nurse let him pick out a movie while he waited.  He chose Shrek.
The orthopedic tech came in and asked what color cast he wanted. Gabe wanted yellow, but they didn't have yellow so he chose - purple!  We were laughing so hard.  So he got a "cool-purple" cast!

He was pretty excited about his cast!
After he got his cast and a new sling, his nurse gave him a popsicle while we waited to be discharged.  And another nurse came in with some Spiderman stickers for him.

A happy patient.
Gabe was excited to get home and show his cast to his brothers and sister!  When we finally got everyone home Jadyn had a gift for Gabe.
The first thing Gabe said this morning was "I have a broken arm."  He keeps showing it to our dog Streak saying, "Streak, I have a broken arm."  He's been a little frustrated eating, playing, and coloring with his left hand only.  He keeps saying, "I can't do it. I only have one arm cause I have a broken arm."
The kids got excited when I asked if they wanted to sign Gabe's cast. Mj went first.
Jadyn wanted to write a book. She was content writing her name with a heart and I Love You.
Our signatures. Later Gabe wanted me to write Job's name and Streak's name.
Jadyn wants a cast, too but she does not want a broken arm.  She's enjoyed wearing the sling around when Gabe's not wearing it.
This has been Gabe most of the day today... Watching TV, with his arm on a pillow, with ice, and Streak by his side.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

So thankful for my husband who these kids get to call "Daddy"!
I love him!

Jadyn's Frozen Birthday Party

Jadyn was so excited to have a Frozen birthday party. It's very difficult to make it seem like winter in June in Miami, but we did our best.

A friend of mine let us borrow some fun Frozen party things.  Jadyn loved the big cutout of Elsa & Anna.
Hard to see in this pic, but I made blue and white pom poms and the kids made paper snowflakes.
"Ice".  The kids loved walking through it.
Mj was a huge help.  He helped me put the labels on the melted Olaf water bottles.
I had some Frozen coloring pages for the kids to do. We also did Ice Painting which I don't have any pictures of.  I made a solution of equal parts Epsom salt and water.  When they painted it looked like water but when it dried it looked like ice crystals.  It turned out really cool.
Job loved the bubble machine.
The best part - playing with friends.
Pin the nose on Olaf.
Katelynn got pretty close.
Not sure how Gabe did it, but he pinned the nose right on Olaf's nose.
The drinks.
Arandelle Fjord Water (Blue Hawaiian punch and lemonade)
Melted Olaf (AKA water)
Yummy food! Elsa's Snow Tower and Kristoff's Ice (Blue Jello in the shape of ice cubes.)
Anna's Frozen Hearts (white chocolate covered strawberries.) These were quite the hit.
Sven Antlers (pretzels) and Olaf Noses (baby carrots)
Jadyn with her Elsa & Anna cakes that her Aunt Lydia made.  They were amazing!!!!
The party animals!
Jadyn needed a lift from Daddy to help her blow out her candles.
Another friend had a Elsa piñata that they didn't use at her daughter's party so she let us use it.  There was candy everywhere!
Playing a fun game of Elsa & Anna (like red light/green light)
The party favors - Hershey Hugs

It was a fun time with friends celebrating our special girl!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Jadyn!

I always get emotional celebrating Jadyn's birthday. We prayed for a long time for her. We were told she would never happen without medical help..... You know what?! God can do what is impossible! We chose the name Jadyn Grace because Jadyn means "Jehovah has heard" and we knew it was only because of God's grace that He gave us another child (and would later give us 2 more). I had a lot of fun having a mommy/daughter date for her birthday! She's looking forward to cake and presents later tonight!

I get a picture of her every year in my wedding dress.
Off to the American Girl Store and singing along to the Frozen soundtrack.  Yes, we sing at the top of our lungs and dance in the car!
We love how pretty it is to walk around the Falls.
Jadyn saved up money from Christmas, little jobs, and her birthday to buy Caroline.  She's been wanting her for a year!
Enjoying lunch at the café.
Jadyn & Caroline
Getting a carousel ride on the way out.
Just the girls for lunch!  I love sharing these special memories with my girl.
Happy 6th Birthday Jadyn!  I pray that you will show Jesus' love to those around you and that you will have a great friendship with your Savior!  I love you more than words could ever say!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Women of Faith

I had the opportunity to go to a Women of Faith conference this past weekend with my sis-in-law and some friends.  It was such an encouragement to me.  The speakers were amazing and the music was so uplifting! It was just what I needed.  So thankful that my husband stayed home with the kids so I could go.

I got to meet Laura Story again. I met her for the first time on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise that I went to in February.  She is an amazing woman. I am amazed at her sweet testimony of God's goodness.  She is an inspiration to me and I was honored to get to meet her again. 
It was such a fun girls weekend with some amazing girls in my life!  We really did have a blast!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Responsibility Chart

Here's what our responsibility chart looked like this year.  I usually change it up every year, but this is what we did this year.  The kids have certain responsibilities that they have to complete during the day. We are trying to teach the kids that as a part of our family they have a responsibility to our family.  We all have to do our part to keep the house looking nice and orderly. Some things will change every day (trash, helping mom with dinner, laundry) while other things will stay the same.  When their responsibility is finished they flip the card over. Here's what the chores were for this day

MJ: Devotions, Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Bring the Trash Can in from the curb, Vacuum, Pick up Toys, Clean Room
Jadyn: Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Unload Dishwasher, Laundry, Clean Room, Pick Up Toys, Set Table
Gabe: Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Feed Streak, Swiffer Floor, Help Mom with Dinner, Wipe Table, Clean Room, Pick Up Toys

The bottom row is jobs they can get paid for.  They must have all their responsibilities done to be able to make money.  Pretty much these are the things I hate doing - Weed Flower Beds, Wash Windows, Water Plants, Clean Up the Doggy Poop, Clean Toilet.  They get 25 cents per job.

So there's a look at our responsibility chart for this past year.  I'll be revamping it for this coming school year and be sure to post about it when I do.

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Workout Love

I realized I haven't posted anything recently about my workouts and what I've been doing to stay healthy.  I've found my workout love and it is REFIT!  I started going to a Zumba class at the beginning of the year on Saturdays and really have fallen in love with it.  I wanted to be able to do Zumba at home so I started googling Christian Zumba and I found Refit.  They have playlists on Youtube so every day I'd choose a playlist and go through it.  I seriously, love it!!  They started REFIT on Demand maybe a month or so ago. For $9.99 a month you get live streaming to their classes or you can watch one of their archived videos.  It's always new and I am loving it!  I'm a sweaty mess by the end of the workout.  So if you're looking for something new or you just want to shake your groove thing.  Go and check them out!
And maybe, they're reading this post and will choose me to partner with. ;)  Here's hoping!

Here's me a sweaty mess with my little cheerleader Job after a Refit workout.  He's got some pretty good dance moves, too! ;)

Our Summer Schedule

I thought I'd explain our summer schedule a little more in depth.  The picture isn't the best, but this is our schedule that the kids can see.  The yellow is our daily routine and the white is the theme for the day.

Make It Monday - We make something.  Brilliant! =)  It might be making an art project, or making forts in the back yard, or making a special dinner together.

Take a Trip Tuesday - This isn't rocket science either. We take a trip somewhere - zoo, beach, waterpark, bowling, library, etc.

Wet & Wild Wednesday - This could be going to the beach, waterpark, pool, or playing with the sprinkler in the back yard.

Thinking Thursday - We take something that the kids are interested in and research it - Find youtube videos, find books at the library on the subject, Netflix videos. Whatever we can to find everything we can out about a certain something.

Friendly Friday - This is a day to get our eyes off of ourselves and be a servant to someone.  Maybe making cookies for a neighbor, having a friend over to play, helping out at our church's camp, writing letters to friends who live far away from us.  The main point is showing Christ's love to others.

Having a daily schedule is great for my kids.  They thrive on routine. So we start our day off with Breakfast and TV while I work out.  Have I mentioned my work out routine.  I love REFIT.  It's like Zumba, but clean music and clean dance moves.  I'll post about them in another post.

Then we have our Bible time together.

Then we usually do outdoor fun since we live in Miami and by 9 am it's sweltering hot outside so the kids want to be inside in the afternoon in the air conditioning.

We usually do art or piano practice after they've been sweating outside.

Then we do some review with some workbooks or games. Jadyn loves this and I'm so glad she does cause she really needs that review time and I know she'll be even more excited when 1st grade starts and she remembers so much of what we did in Kindergarten.  Mj isn't too thrilled with this, but he does it anyway. ;)

Usually it's time for lunch by this time in our day.

Then the kids clean up and finish up their house responsibilities (AKA Chores).  I've stopped calling them chores and call them responsibilities for them to understand that as a part of our family they have certain responsibilities that they must do as part of the family unit.

Then the coveted Ipad & DS time.  This is an hour of them being completely quiet and totally into whatever games they are playing and I usually get some serious housework done since they are quiet and happy and Job is napping.

Then it's free time for the rest of the afternoon which is usually Mj in his room with his legos, Jadyn playing with her dolls and Gabe beating up bad guys and when Job wakes up he goes outside to find lizards.


Sometimes being a mom means letting go to wanting to have everything clean and orderly and letting the kids have fun and be creative.
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