Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Summer Schedule

I thought I'd explain our summer schedule a little more in depth.  The picture isn't the best, but this is our schedule that the kids can see.  The yellow is our daily routine and the white is the theme for the day.

Make It Monday - We make something.  Brilliant! =)  It might be making an art project, or making forts in the back yard, or making a special dinner together.

Take a Trip Tuesday - This isn't rocket science either. We take a trip somewhere - zoo, beach, waterpark, bowling, library, etc.

Wet & Wild Wednesday - This could be going to the beach, waterpark, pool, or playing with the sprinkler in the back yard.

Thinking Thursday - We take something that the kids are interested in and research it - Find youtube videos, find books at the library on the subject, Netflix videos. Whatever we can to find everything we can out about a certain something.

Friendly Friday - This is a day to get our eyes off of ourselves and be a servant to someone.  Maybe making cookies for a neighbor, having a friend over to play, helping out at our church's camp, writing letters to friends who live far away from us.  The main point is showing Christ's love to others.

Having a daily schedule is great for my kids.  They thrive on routine. So we start our day off with Breakfast and TV while I work out.  Have I mentioned my work out routine.  I love REFIT.  It's like Zumba, but clean music and clean dance moves.  I'll post about them in another post.

Then we have our Bible time together.

Then we usually do outdoor fun since we live in Miami and by 9 am it's sweltering hot outside so the kids want to be inside in the afternoon in the air conditioning.

We usually do art or piano practice after they've been sweating outside.

Then we do some review with some workbooks or games. Jadyn loves this and I'm so glad she does cause she really needs that review time and I know she'll be even more excited when 1st grade starts and she remembers so much of what we did in Kindergarten.  Mj isn't too thrilled with this, but he does it anyway. ;)

Usually it's time for lunch by this time in our day.

Then the kids clean up and finish up their house responsibilities (AKA Chores).  I've stopped calling them chores and call them responsibilities for them to understand that as a part of our family they have certain responsibilities that they must do as part of the family unit.

Then the coveted Ipad & DS time.  This is an hour of them being completely quiet and totally into whatever games they are playing and I usually get some serious housework done since they are quiet and happy and Job is napping.

Then it's free time for the rest of the afternoon which is usually Mj in his room with his legos, Jadyn playing with her dolls and Gabe beating up bad guys and when Job wakes up he goes outside to find lizards.

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