Friday, October 2, 2015

Another 6 Weeks Down!

Weekly Wrap-Up
That's right our second 6 weeks of the school year are over and we look forward to a week off next week (which is getting quite full with fun activities!) This six weeks was not as smooth as the first, but it ended well.  We had a nice and easy week. Here's what we did this week.
MJ - 7th Grade
Bible: I helped Mj work on teaching a lesson to Jadyn & Gabe on Isaac.
English: Adjectives.
Math: Mj worked on rational numbers, ratios, and proportions.
I don't get too many pictures of MJ doing school since he does a lot of it independently while I work with Jadyn & Gabe, but I caught him doing his math outside on a beautiful day!
World Studies: Mj finished his chapter on the early European explorers.  He loved this study on the explorers!
Enrichment Classes: Mj takes Taekwondo, a World Geography class, and a Art class.  He's learning so much!
Jadyn - 2nd Grade
English: Jadyn learned about poetry and wrote a couplet about snow.
Math: Jadyn finished her chapter on measurement.
Reading: Jadyn was so excited to finish her All About Reading and All About Spelling Level 1 this week. She moved on to Level 2.
Look at all those stars on her progress charts!
Of course, she had to wear her princess dress and tiara to start Level 2.

Heritage Studies: Jadyn finished her chapter on land forms and natural resources.

Enrichment Classes: Jadyn is taking Music History, Ceramics, and Ballet. She looks forward to Tuesday - Enrichment day every week!

Gabe - Kindergarten

All About Reading - Pre-Reading: Gabe is doing awesome with his lower case letters. He learned "q", "r", "s", and "t" this week. He loves the abcmouse videos on youtube that we watch for each letter. He's figuring out that these letters we've been learning make words that are in a book.

Math: Gabe learned numbers 20-32 this week.
We got the unifix cubes out this week to see if him seeing place value would help him understand two-digit numbers.  I think it helped. Of course, the unifix cubes quickly became light sabers during our lesson.
Art: Gabe made an owl in art class.  We love HomeArt Studio DVDs for art.  He watched a video about owls and learned how to rip paper to make a cool feathery effect.
Extras: Gabe was all about the Learning Links this week.  This is a great way to work on sequencing without him knowing he's working on sequencing! ;)
Enrichment Classes: Gabe takes Letters & the Bible, Little Chef Math, and Fun with Music.  He loves his classes so much!  I love to see him get excited about learning and being with his friends!

Job - Totschool
The Learning Links were a great way to work with colors with Job.
He was excited that I got the sidewalk chalk out for him to work on colors, too.
Road Trip USA
We are loving our Road Trip USA study from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This week we learned about Kentucky.  We loved watching videos on YouTube of the Kentucky Derby. We also enjoyed supper at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Library Day
We try to get to the library every other week. It's been awhile just with the craziness that is life so the kids were so excited to go today.  We stayed for an hour!
The kids love the new Ipad station.
Gabe enjoying some reading time.
Jadyn found her spot to read some books.
This was the scene on the way home.  Everyone has their nose stuck in a book! I love it!
How was your week?  Check out other homeschool blogs at the Weekly Wrap Up.


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Megan Russell said...

What an awesome library! My kindergartner started all about reading pre reading last week, and we are loving it.

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