Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mj Gets Baptized

Sunday night, Mj was baptized.  What an exciting time to watch my son make this important decision to share how Christ has saved him and to show others his decision by being baptized.  Mj came to us a couple of months ago and asked if he could be baptized.  We were excited with him for him to make this decision.  He was so nervous to speak in front of the church, but he did an excellent job sharing how God had saved him through from his sin because of Christ's death on the cross.  So thankful for the tender heart that God has given to Mj and for Christ's saving grace in Mj's life.  I continue to pray that he will become a godly man that desires to every day be more like Jesus. (And a side note:  Jadyn was so worried about our youth group.  She thought for sure they were going to get wet!)

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