Thursday, October 3, 2013

Farm Field Trip

It was nice to have a field trip at the farm. Made us think that we weren't living in Miami for a couple of hours and were back in Pennsylvania. The kids had a blast and learned some things, too.  Here's some pictures from our day at the farm.

Gabe enjoying his pony ride.
Jadyn and Gabe holding hands and learning about bird eggs.
Learning the difference between chicken eggs, turkey eggs, duck eggs, and goose eggs.
Petting a baby chick.
Petting a hen.
Time to pet the rooster.
Petting a big goose.
Job spotted the next bird and was pretty excited about it.
I learned some interesting things about turkeys that I didn't know before.
Milking a goat.
Who doesn't love petting a rabbit.
Learning about sheep.
Feeding goats.
Checking out the pigs.
Job loved the pigs! I think he wanted to crawl in the mud with them.
Learning about cows.
Donkeys and ponies.
Gabe was exhausted by the end of the morning.
Having fun in the butterfly garden.
Jadyn checking out the rest of the turkeys.
We had a fun day at the farm!

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