Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wildwood Nature Center

We went to the Wildwood Nature Center in Harrisburg today for a field trip with the co-op. We started the day by finding animals in exhibit hall. There were alot of animals to find (muskrats, bees, ladybug, birds, snakes, etc.). Mj enjoyed the observation deck looking for birds and squirrels. He also enjoyed the tunnel under the tree. Then we all went for a nature hike with a guide. We learned facts about the plants and animals in the area. We learned that woodpeckers wrap their tongue around their brain to cushion it when pecking a tree and that snapping turtles do not hide in their shells. We also saw many things on our nature hike including a woolly bear caterpillar, a frog, mink poop, and owl throw-up. Very exciting!! ;)

Mj checking out a bird at the observation deck.

The boys enjoyed playing in the tunnel.

Mj learning about muskrats.

Jadyn enjoyed the nature center, too.

Mj and his friend Grant by the Paxton Creek.

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