Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Indian Echo Caverns

Mj and I studied caves last week so yesterday we decided to go to Indian Echo Caverns and check out a real cave. Mj thought it was cool that he lives so close to a real cave! At first he was really nervous (gripping my hand and standing really close to me) He would find stalactites and stalagmites and he thought it was pretty cool that the tour guide used my saying to remember which is which! "Stalactites hold tight to the ceiling!" Wow, Mj's mommy is pretty smart! ;) We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the lakes and different formations of the rocks (Scooby Doo, Hershey Kiss, Bunny with a carrot, a mummy, a wizard, a dragon, Snuffy, etc.) Mj asked if we could go today! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Mj in front of some stalactites

A hermit lived in this room for 19 years. This was his bed which he would keep warm with a fire underneath it.

The ceiling of the Rainbow Room

Crystal Lake

In front of the cave entrance

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