Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nova Scotia Missions Trip

June 20 we left with 9 teens for Nova Scotia for a missions trip to work at Forest Glen Bible Camp. We were excited about the trip and what God would do! We were very busy, but had lots of fun. Mj and Jadyn were troopers and the teens were great helping with the kids and working so hard!! Here's some pics from our trip!

Mj was a hard worker. Here he's pulling out nails.

During Tuesday's downpour Rachel, Zach, and Mj had a mud war.

Wednesday was sight-seeing day. Peggy's Cove was amazing!!!

Our family at Peggy's Cove

Jadyn enjoyed crawling all over the rocks.

God's power is amazing!!

We then went to the Harbor at Halifax.

The teens drinking from the fountain in Halifax.

Dinner at Murphy's Fish and Chips

Oh Cabin 6! We painted the entire cabin inside and out.

Jadyn trying to squish a toad.

More cabin 6 painting.

Mj loved the water slide!

So did the teens! =)

Canadian Bowling! You've got to try it!

Mj and Jadyn enjoyed a dip in the pool.

Bay of Fundy tidal bore. Mj though the tidal wave was pretty cool!

Our group at church on Sunday.

We enjoyed getting to know our missionaries the Reasons better! It was a great week!

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