Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leaf Hunting at Bullfrog Valley Pond

For science today we went to Bullfrog Valley Pond to look at leaves and decide if they were wide & flat or long & thin. We hunted and hunted for leaves and had a lot of fun finding different leaves and drawing them in Mj's science notebook. After our leaf hunt, we watched the ducks at the pond and Jadyn loved it!
I love watching Mj's excitement as he learns new things! Even yesterday, on the way to soccer practice he was so excited that he could figure out what direction we were going since he knew that the sun sets in the west. So the whole way to soccer practice I kept hearing, "north, east, north, east, south, west." I hope he keeps that love of learning!

Found a wide & flat leaf - a maple leaf.

Found some ferns - long & thin

Leaf hunts are fun!

"Look a duck!!"

A beautiful fall day!

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