Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trip to Miami (Caution picture overload!)

Mark surprised me a couple of weeks ago with plane tickets to see Lyd in Miami. I was so excited to get to see her and visit Miami and I knew the kids would love it. Here some highlights from our trip!!!!

Checking out the where our luggage was going. (BWI airport)

Mj was so excited for his first flight. (well, first that he remembers)

We love flying!!!

Hayride at the school.

After the hayride, Mr. Mortensen let us dump all the hay out for the horses.

Mj lovin' his Aunt Lydia

Jadyn enjoying an after-hayride donut.

Goggle-boy makes an appearance at the Mortensen's pool.

Fun at the pool.

Uncle Marcus and Mj enjoying Chuck E Cheese.

Jadyn loved the Clifford ride.

Uncle Marcus took Jadyn on a jet ski ride.

At the beach!!!

Marcus and Mj at the top of the light house.

We love palm tress. (28 weeks pregnant!!)

Fun with a coconut.

Mj enjoying the beach!

This is the life!

Mj's sand tower.

Jadyn's favorite spot at Marcus' and Lydia's house - the fish tank.

Enjoying the Miami Children's Museum.

Getting some grocery shopping done.

Jadyn's favorite part of the children's museum.

Fireman Mj to the rescue.

A new pet?

More fish!

Lydia and Mj and the cargo.

The cruise ships were docked at the Port of Miami right outside the Children's Museum.


Flying home.

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