Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How is School Going?

I haven't posted any school pics. It's been a month of catch-up with school. When my dad was in the hospital last month, school took a seat on the back burner much to my dismay. We've finally caught up and we're all back in a routine. Of course, Christmas coming and the baby that routine is going to be destroyed! LOL
So, what have we been learning?

1st grade with Mj:
Bible: Right now we're studying the life of Moses. Tomorrow we're starting a Christmas unit and will go back to start Joshua in the new year.
Phonics/English: - Long vowel sounds, adding -ing & -ed to long vowel words, journaling
Reading: Mj loves reading and is enjoying his readers. We'll be reading Christmas stories starting on Friday
Math: Just finished a chapter on fractions, fair shares and will begin subtracting up to 12 tomorrow.
Heritage Studies: We're learning about the Seperatists and Puritans and what is was like for them when they first came to America.
Science - We're studying matter. Matter can be weighed and takes up space. We'll be learning about solids, liquids and gases before Christmas.
Spanish - We've learned numbers 1-20 and now have started colors (red, green, blue, & yellow so far)
Typing - Jump Start Typing Program. Mj's enjoying this typing program and is slowly learning where the letters are on the keyboard.
Piano - Staff notes - Treble clef - Middle C, D, E, F, G; Bass Clef - C, D, E, F, G

Tot School with Jadyn:
Treating books gently.
Putting puzzles together.
Shape sorting.
Having fun!!!!!

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