Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Past 2 Weeks in Review

I haven't posted in a while what we've been doing.  It feels like life has gotten very busy.  Here's what we've done the past two weeks.

MJ-5th Grade
English: Mj wrote a research paper on Neil Armstrong.  He learned about making an outline, writing notecards, and writing a bibliography page.
Math: Mj has been multiplying and dividing decimals.
Science: Mj has been learning about sound waves and light waves.
Doing an experiment on lights in fog.
History: Mj has been enjoying his study on WWII.
Mj made an epic Lego House during his quiet time.
Jadyn - Kindergarten
Beginnings: Jadyn has been learning about the seasons. I can tell that she's been living in Miami because she thinks winter only happens in Pennsylvania since it doesn't snow here.  I tried to explain that it is winter here even though it's still hot and we go to the beach! LOL My poor Miami children!
Phonics: Jadyn has been doing an awesome job as we introduced long vowel sounds the past two weeks!
Writing her new word families in her calendar notebook.
Math: Jadyn has been counting by 5s, learning about nickels, and learning about 3-D shapes.  She's been a busy girl!
Counting by 5s using unifix cubes.
Gabe - Totschool
Gabe learned about the letter "S".  He loved all the fun coloring pages we did.
S, of course, is for Spiderman.
S is also for squid. And apparently orange was the color of the week. LOL

Making playdough sandwiches.
Geometric shape puzzles.
Job - Teeny Tot School

I've been trying to keep this 18 month ball of energy entertained while I do school with the older two.

Unifix cubes in an ice tray was great fun!
Job loves the shape stacker.
Sensory play with rocks.
Pom poms in an ice tray was pretty fun, too.
Playdough was a blast!!!
Extra Fun:
Construction workers were putting up electric poles in our backyard.  The kids brought out the construction set and played and watched.

Field Trip to the zoo.
The kids loved the Lego exhibit 

Tiger puzzle
Learning about all the Amazon fish.

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