Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cookies

On Saturday we enjoyed a fun afternoon of baking Christmas cookies! We made a mess, made some fun memories, and ate yummy sugar desserts!  What could be better!  Enjoy the pics!

Everybody pitched in to make the cookie dough.
Gabe had so much fun rolling the dough.
Princess Jadyn got some help from MJ.
Gabe's proud of his stocking cookie.
Gabe's Christmas tree cookie.
My pretty princess having fun making the cookies.
Gabe watching the cookies bake.
Right out of the oven.... Smelled delicious!
Now the fun part - Icing and sprinkles!!!  And it's also the messiest part! ;)
Mj takes his time putting the sprinkles on.
Jadyn spreads the delicious icing on her cookie.
Mj's Christmas tree cookie.
And the best part..... Eating the yummy works of our labor! ;)

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