Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 1st day of school!

I can't believe summer is over and school has started. Today was our first day back to school. It was a great day! The kids were amazing. I'll be giving a weekly wrap up this weekend, but I did want to give you a tour of our school room for this year.

Motivation to enter our school room! ;)

Looking into the schoolroom at the computer desk. I will be putting up papers and art work on the bare wall.

Our reading area,

My desk, white board, pledge of allegiance, and pocket charts.

The other wall has Mj and Jadyn's desks.

This is one of my new things for this year. We're trying out the workbox system. I've checked out a lot of homeschool blogs for ideas and am really hoping this system works for us. Mj has the top 9 boxes and Jadyn has the bottom 6. Each box has a number.

Mj and Jadyn have a schedule to know when to use which box.

Here's part of Mj's schedule. He does workbox #4, then we do handwriting and he'll then do workbox #5, then we'll have spelling.

The other new thing for this year is a morning board. We will have a character quality of the week that we will learn about, they will put up the weather for the day, a prayer, Mj's memory verse for his Bible lessons, our church's missionary of the month, Mj will fill in the number of days of school and will be reviewing place value, Our day of the week and two different ways to write the date, and our letter of the week.

Gabe's ready for his first day of school.

Mj and Jadyn are ready for their first day of school.
Looking forward to a great year with these crazy kids! LOL

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