Sunday, August 9, 2015

Two Weeks of Fun & Learning

Weekly Wrap-Up
I wasn't able to blog about our week last week so here's our last 2 weeks of school.  Can I say how much I enjoy homeschooling - the flexibility, the teachable moments, the laughter and silliness, the fights (ok, maybe not everything LOL).  Here's some pics from our past two weeks of school.
Gabe has been loving when I get the bananagrams out.  He puts all the letters that he knows and organizes them.
My husband was able to take a day off so we did everything that had to do with the letter B that day.  So we hit the beach! (I love living so close to the beach!)  Mj enjoyed making sand creatures.
Gabe wrote his name in the sand.
Beautiful day at the beach with our family!
Jadyn flying high with some help from her daddy.
After the beach, we went bowling!
We've been enjoying our Road Trip USA curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Last week the kids made blueberry muffins to celebrate Maine's state berry.
Jadyn loves All About Reading!  She had fun with this hands-on activity.
Jadyn had a science experiment.  She had to see which paper would be hotter. The black paper hit 120 degrees after an hour! It was definitely the hottest!
Mj has been learning about diffusion so we had to do some fun experiments about it!
He also did an osmosis experiment with gummy bears.  I won't say how many gummy bears were eaten while the experiment took place! ;)
Why yes, we do go to the beach twice in 1 week!  We got to go with some of our friends from our co-op and we all had so much fun!
I saw this idea on pinterest and thought this would be a great art project!
Gabe working on his flashcards to review his letters.
Job & Gabe watching a "P" video on YouTube.
We love What's in the Bible?.  The kids learn so much about God's Word and His rescue plan for us while having fun with the characters. They also love the coloring pages!
Gabe enjoying some hands-on counting.
Circling letters and making them into aliens is fun when you're in kindergarten!
Having some learning fun with our edu-blocks!
Working on number recognition with a game!
Jadyn thinks this is a comfortable way to do her math paper.
My poor Job had to go to urgent care on Wednesday night.  He's got bronchitis and was pretty miserable.
Mj's experiment on turgor pressure.
Mj made some yummy gourmet burgers and baked fries for dinner all by himself.
With some meds in him, Job became a ball full of energy!  I guess he's back to normal!
Gabe making the letter "T" with his body.
Brothers having fun playing together and learning.
Gabe loved working on his dot number patterns with this big dice!
The kids love finding creatures in our back yard.  They found a tree frog and were studying it.  We came inside after he finally jumped away from them and couldn't be found and studied all about frogs!
Creative play! I love it!
We love the HomeArt Studio DVD's for art.  Gabe made a happy sun and learned about mixing colors.
Jadyn learned how to overlap and made this beautiful watermelon watercolor painting.
A couple of weeks ago we made bird feeders.  We've had pigeons and blue jays visit our bird feeders, but these 2 pigeons have been faithful about coming several times a day for a snack.
So that was our past 2 weeks.  You can check out other homeschoolers weeks at the Weekly Wrap Up.

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Megan Russell said...

What a fun two weeks! Love the watermelon painting. I would totally frame that!

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