Friday, August 26, 2011

Tot School - Fun with the letter "L"

Jadyn is 38 months old & Gabe is 18 months old
Tot School
For totschool this week we focused on the letter "L", number 1, sight word "see", color yellow, the shape circle, and focused on nature. It was so good to get back to a schedule. I'm starting Jadyn on some preschool materials, but not pushing her to do it or master the skill so we'll continue totschool and supplement some preschool activities. Jadyn was so excited to do school like big brother MJ!  Here's what we did this week.

 Our board: Our verse, how to apply the verse, song, weather, stick puppets for the song, number, letter and sight word.
Singing "This Little Light of Mine. Well..... Gabe ate his puppet while Jadyn and I sang!
Tracing "L". She really improved her tracing by the end of the week.
Sorting shapes.
Dot-a-dot markers - her new favorite activity!
Matching her ladybug letters.
Coloring 1.
Every morning I would have her find 1 of something.  This day she found 1 train.
Same thing with the letter "L".  She found a lamb.
L is for Lion.
L is for lollipop.
Coloring her verse. Matthew 5:16 "Let you light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."
Practicing her cutting skills.
Sorting Big "L" ladybugs and Little "L" ladybugs.
Counting with learning links!
Jadyn loved making this ladybug.
God made so many beautiful things.
Ladybug Lacing.
Sorting ladybugs by size.
We're making a color and shapes book.  This is the page for yellow.
Jadyn loves to use lots of colors when coloring!
Matching ladybugs.
Jadyn cut and taped her verse to see how long it was - "It's bigger than me!"
Jadyn made a book about her.  I love her drawing of her face!
Ladybug sequencing
Counting and jumping!
Ladybug puzzle.

Gabe enjoyed totschool, too!  He worked on shape sorting! He could play with this toy for hours!
Wow! what a mess this boy can make!=)  Enjoying some learning with his brightlings.
Reading his Thomas camera book.

Always fun with Mr. Potsy!

We ended our "L" week with a trip to the zoo (yes, we've been here 5 times since we've moved here 2 months ago!  We love it!!!)  We looked for "L" animals!

L is for Lemur.
L is for leaf! (not an animal but an "L" word! =) )
L is for lion!
L is for lizard.
Another lizard!
And another lizard that we petted! They are everywhere here in Miami!
Much thanks to Totally Tots for the letter crafts, Confessions of a Homeschooler for the adorable Ladybug printables, and 1+1+1=1 for the amazing Raising Rock Stars Preschool ideas and printables.  These women are awesome for having their printables be free and I appreciate all the work they put into their work!!!!!


Tracey M. said...

What great week! I love all these great craft ideas. The picture book with her drawing herself is just precious. My son loved singing This Little Light of Mine at our VBS.

Jackie H. said...

I love that he is eating the puppet. It makes me feel better about my son's participation in our activity times (he's 19 months) :)

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