Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preschool Fun

Jadyn has been very busy learning and playing! This week we worked on "B" and "C".  She's doing a great job knowing their sounds and being able to write them.  She loves the preschool book I bought her at Target and enjoys working her way through the book!  Here's her week in pictures.

Coloring her "blue" paper.
Tracing "B"
Doing her over and under paper and then, of course, she had to color the rainbow!  She's my little artist.

Coloring her "C" paper.

Her friend Max came over and she helped him learn his ABC's with our magnet letters.
Playing tumbling monkeys with her big brother MJ.  One of her favorite games!
The highlight of her week was helping her daddy put together her new loft bed.

She was a bit disappointed that I didn't have any crafts for her, but with 2 weeks til my due date I just didn't have the energy to make any crafts.  Hopefully, this week I will get something together for her to do! ;)


melismama said...

SO Cute! Praying for an easy delivery!

Lisa said...

Sorry she was disappointed. Must feel great to be able to keep moving forward homeschooling approaching your due date!

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