Friday, April 29, 2011

Tot School - "Y"

Jadyn is 34 months old & Gabe is 14 months old.
Tot School
This week we focused on "y".  We took it easy this week so we didn't have too many "organized" activities, but it was definitely a fun week!

Y is for yak and yardstick.  Check out Totally Tots for great alphabet craft ideas.

Jadyn loves doing the powerpoints from 1+1+1=1.

Practicing making the letter y.

Enjoying some fun at Cocoa Castle on a beautiful spring day!

Gabe had a fun week, too.  Trying to get his bottle to fit in the bin.

My little reader!

Concentrating on his geometric sorter

Gabe wanted to do school in his big brother's desk.
Hanging out with his buddy Streak.

Gabe enjoyed the swing at Cocoa Castle.

Enjoying some free chocolate at Chocolate World

Not much "school" getting done, but definitely a lot of fun being done!=)


Patricia said...

My little one loves to do everything as her sister. And well I have to make her participate or...:)

Carolyn said...

Love your caddy filled with crayons, pencils and markers! All in one place. I'm gonna have to do that. Always looking to make things a little simpler! :)

MittenMom said...

Hi found you at the blog hop!

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