Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today our Pennsylvania house will no longer be ours.  I have so many emotions about it.  I love this house.  It was Mark's and my first house (we bought it on my birthday!).  I was pregnant with Mj when we bought it and we had so much fun planning his nursery!  We put so much time and effort into finishing the basement.  We brought each of our children home to this house.  So many special memories have taken place in this beautiful home.
Yet, I'm so excited!  Seeing God answer prayer!  We thought our house would sell in June, but the day we moved to Miami we found out that the buyers wanted to back out.  We were struggling with the whole move and then that put on top of it.  It brought us to our knees in prayer.  In September we had another buyer.  We were 2 weeks before closing and they backed out.  We knew it would be hard to sell our house once fall came so we just prepared to struggle with bills for some time until spring came and hopefully there would be a buyer then.  But within 1 week of it going back on the market we had a buyer!  God, why do we question You?!  You are Sovereign!!  You knew our house would sell in the perfect time.  You would supply our needs!
So today we say good-bye to our beautiful Pennsylvania home and can now begin to make our Miami home look more homey!=)

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L said...

Congrats! I can think of three people who have had their houses on the market for months and months (maybe years?) and all three sold within the last week/two weeks! Weird, but awesome! =)

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