Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kitchen "Progress"

We're in the midst of renovating the kitchen and it's quite the mess right now. Here's some pics of the "progress". If you want to see pics of the before check out my post here.

 Mark moved the sink.  I know I'm going to enjoy looking out the window while I do dishes!=)
This is where the sink used to be.  The oven will go here.
My wonderful hubby working so hard.  He comes home from a long day at work and works on our kitchen without any complaint!  I love this man!
This is where the oven was.  The refrigerator and pantry will go here.
Cabinets will hopefully be delivered Friday.  Tomorrow Mark will be dry walling.  I cannot wait til it's finished!!  It's going to look amazing!

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Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

Kitchen Renos are my absolute favorite! I can't wait to see the finished product! Happy dry-walling ;-)

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