Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youth Group Christmas Party 2011

Last night we had our youth group Christmas party.  We had a lot of fun enjoying food, games, and just some time to "hang out"!  Here's some pics of the night.

Trying to make a Christmas tree out of construction paper without looking.
Some of the Christmas trees. 
Jadyn & her friend Kaylee watching the teens making Christmas trees. 
A pic of Gabe - just because he's so cute!!! 
The teens had to make a snow man as a team blindfolded.  Here Julietta tries to figure out where to put the snowman's head. 
Team #2 with their snowman.
Team #1 with their snowman.
Mark & Gabe chillin' by the pool.
The white elephant gifts.
Marcus explaining the white elephant gift exchange. 
Jonny opening his white elephant gift and Joey trying to figure out his white elephant gift.

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