Friday, October 28, 2011

Tot School - "V" is Very Fun!

 Jadyn is 40 months old & Gabe is 20 months old
  Tot School 
Our focus this week was on "V", "8", brown, and land forms.  Jadyn loved talking about volcanoes and caves.  I was so bummed that I ran out of vinegar, so we'll have to make a volcano once I get to  the store!  Here's our week in pictures.

Dot-a-dot "V"
Tracing "V"
Her verse craft.  We talked about how Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
Working on her numbers with her puzzle.
8 parakeets.
Matching pictures with their shadows.
Her brown paper.  She's so excited that our color and shape book is almost finished! 
How many?  She loved the Halloween themed papers! Found them at Over the Big Moon.
Tracing practice.
"V" is for vet.  We talked about what veterinarians do and how they help us take care of our dog.
Jadyn came to me while I was working and said, "Mommy, I'm learning.  Look! - I made two T's with my logs!"  I was so proud of her!=)
 Gabe is all about coloring right now!  As soon as he sees the crayons come out he's climbing up on a chair and rubbing his belly (the sign for "please")  He absolutely loves it!  He also learned to sign "milk" and "eat" this week.

Working so hard and excited to color with his big sister!
Lefty or righty?!
I think I have a picture of him every week playing with his cars and garage!  He loves it!
Playing basketball with our furry dog.  Somehow our dog always manages to creep into our pictures! LOL
Puzzles with Jadyn!

 I pulled the beans out for Gabe to play with for the first time this week.  He loved them and didn't put any into his mouth!=)  I will definitely be pulling these out again!

 So that was our week!  Thanks to 1+1+1=1 and Confessions of a Homeschooler for the free printables and ideas!


Kalista said...

Too cute! My little guy loves the sensory bin stuff too! I want to try beans...this week I had rocks in there...they were a little too heavy for pouring!

Looks like you guys had a great week!! :)

Beth said...

Very cute! I especially like the one way to heaven craft!!
I wanted to invite you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party -

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jaydyn is amazing at colouring! Looks like a fun week filled with learning!

Lexi said...

What fun ideas!
Your kids are too cute! Love the pics of your little guy coloring!!

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