Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - A Fun Week!

We enjoyed a fun week of school this week.  Since my hubby took me away Monday night, the kids (and me) enjoyed a day off on Tuesday.  We also had a field trip on Thursday with our co-op so it was nice to have some fun things to look forward to this week.  Here's what we did this week:
MJ - 5th Grade
Bible: Mj finished his chapter on truth and began his chapter on what is God like?  He'll be looking at the different attributes of God.  He also finished his book on Nate Saint and wrote a book report.  He is now reading a biography on George Muller for this month.
English: more nouns - plural and possessive.
'Cause sometimes it helps to do your English paper on the floor.
Math: Mj finished up his chapter on multiplication by talking about exponents.
Science: Mj also finished up his chapter about dinosaurs and fossils.
History: Mj began a chapter on World War I. We talked about the alliances of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance and how Europe was a powder keg at this time.  We talked about how the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand sparked the beginning of the war.  We talked about nationalism and how Europe was excited to begin the war at first, thinking it would only last a couple of weeks. Mj's really looking forward to learning more about WWI.
To visualize the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance we used Lego men to be each country.
Mj even wrote up an alliance pact and had each Lego man (country) sign it.

Coloring his map to show the Central Powers and the Allies.
Mj made a poster to get young men to join army of Great Britain.
Jadyn - Kindergarten
Bible: Jadyn enjoyed coloring her coloring book.  Her favorite picture was the picture of Aslan as we talked about the allegory in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Beginnings: This week we talked about the library, cooking books, and how-to books.
The kids love the library, so it was a fun field trip to get some new books and videos at the library.  And to play with the computers in the children's library.  That is always a must, when we visit the library.
When the kids get home, they always read the books together.  The Lego Batman book that Mj got was the favorite.
The kids enjoyed following a recipe for making graham cracker cookie snacks.  Gabe carefully spread the peanut butter.
Mj's cookie had a marshmallow, raisin, chocolate chip pattern.
Jadyn worked hard spreading the peanut butter on her graham cracker.
Jadyn's castle design on her graham cracker cookie.
We also made home-made ice cream.  Gabe loved the shaking part!
Jadyn's turn to shake.  She had to shake and count to 100.  Did you know it's difficult to shake a bag of ice and count to 100 at the same time? ;)
Mj said he remembered doing this in Kindergarten, too. 
Enjoying Jadyn's lesson on cookbooks! Yummy!
Jadyn also learned about How-to books.  She drew a fish after her lesson by following the directions.
Phonics: Jadyn did great reading new words this week.  She had quite a few new words.  Her favorite word was "Ben" since her Uncle Benny has that name.  She even sent him a video of her reading his name.  So sweet!
Holding up a "B" card or "P" card to let me know what letter started the word I said. I love when she tells me, "It might take me awhile to get it.  It takes a lot of thinking."
Reading the word "ten". I love hearing her sound out her words.  She really worked hard this week and I'm so proud of the work she did!
Math: Jadyn learned about 8, 9, and 10.
8 markers and 2 markers is 10 markers. - Beginning addition skills.
Extra: On Monday Jadyn was adding her new color for the week to her calendar notebook.  I asked why her purple face had such a big smile.  She looked at me like I was crazy, "Mom, can't you see the purple guy is a ninja!" Silly me! =)

Gabe - Totschool
Gabe's been in a little bit of a slump.  He doesn't want to do school, he'd rather play. I didn't push him.  He actually has been playing so well by himself and I've noticed him playing differently with his toy.  Lots of pretend play going on.  I love how he is playing with different sets of toys together.  His construction guys go and fix the castle and they all fly on the airplane together to go see the bad guys.  I love watching him play!
Gabe enjoyed coloring his F is for Farm paper.
Playing in the backyard with sunglasses and a light saber! Being 3 is awesome!
Job - Teeny Tot

Job had a big week this week.  He started taking steps!!!!  I can't believe my baby is taking his first steps! He also has enjoyed climbing on everything in sight! I think he may be my most adventurous kid! Oh boy! I'm seeing many visits to the ER in my future! Oy! You can see an adorable video of his first steps here.

Job discovered how fun this rocking chair is.  He acts like a king sitting in it with his snack cup!
Field Trip to the Farm:
We enjoyed a fun day at the farm yesterday for a field trip.  The kids got to pet a chicken, a rooster, a duck, a goose, a turkey, and goats.  They got to ride a pony and milk a goat.  They learned a lot about the different animals on the farm.  It was a fun morning!
Petting a hen.
Milking a goat.
Jadyn watching the turkeys.
It sure doesn't feel like October, but the pumpkins at least made it look like fall.


As He Leads is Joy said...

I like the Lego men that were included in the learning. I might have to pull some in a lesson for my son.

Unknown said...

I can just imagine all those brain connections being formed while counting to 100 and shaking ice cream! :-D We love that kind of stuff round here.

We also liked making butter (dancing while shaking) and making sorbet (you need gloves for that one!).

Looks like a lovely week :-)

Debbie said...

Wow looks like a fun week :) I love the use of lego men and the fabulous purple ninja!

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