Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
It's weekly wrap up time again!  We had a pretty easy week.  We took Labor Day off.  Tuesdays are co-op days, and we took today off to celebrate Job's birthday and deliver cookies to our brave police officers and firemen.  Here's what we did this week.
Mj-  7th Grade
Bible: Mj is working through Apologia's Who is My Neighbor? This week we talked about loving our friends and enemies. It's not easy to do, but with God's help we can love those who are mean to us.
English: Mj wrote an ad for a restaurant. He had to use exciting verbs in his paper.
Math: Fractions!
Science: Mj is studying heredity.  We talked about dominant and recessive genes and sex-linked traits.
World Studies: Mj is studying the Renaissance. 
Co-op: Mj takes taekwondo, world geography, and a fine art studio class.  He is really enjoying his fine art class.  The drawings he is making are beautiful!
Jadyn - 2nd Grade
Bible: Jadyn learned about the Flood this week.
English: Jadyn started learning about verbs.
Jadyn needed her swimming goggles to do her English worksheet the one day.
Math: Jadyn learned about renaming 10 ones as 1 ten for double digit addition problems.  I thought this would be tricky for her, but she had no problems!  She loves math!  She must get that from her Uncle Dutch!
Reading: Jadyn is doing so well with All About Reading! She is almost done with Level 1.  I can't tell you the improvement I have seen in her and the love she has gotten for reading from using this curriculum! If you have a child who is dyslexic or is a struggling reader, get All About Reading! I highly recommend it!
On Sunday afternoon, I found Jadyn reading her new library books at the table!

Science: Jadyn is learning about habitats.

Heritage Studies: Jadyn is finishing up her chapter about government and American symbols and landmarks.

Co-op: Jadyn takes Music History, Ceramics, and Ballet.  In Music History this past week she learned about woodwind instruments, brass instruments, and percussion instruments.  She made a beautiful cross in Ceramics.

Gabe - Kindergarten

All About Reading: Pre-Reading: Gabe is loving learning bout his lower case letters now.  He has started noticing that words begin with certain letters.  I love to see his excitement when he sees a letter he knows!  Gabe learned "g" and "h" this week.

Math: Gabe is learning his teen numbers.  This has been a little bit tricky, but he loves trying to find the numbers on the board when I call them out.  It's been a fun game we've been playing.
Job - Totschool
I can't believe I have no pictures of Job this week doing school things.  He usually is sitting and playing while I work with Gabe and I can hear Job repeating his numbers after us or singing the alphabet with us.  It's fun to watch him learn!
Co-op: Job and Gabe take the same co-op classes.  They are taking Letters and the Bible, Little Chef Math, and Fun with Music.  This week they made maracas in their music class.  They loved those.
Today we did some special things to honor the events of 9/11.  We took cookies and muffins to our police officers and 2 fire stations near us.  The kids loved meeting the men and women who bravely serve in our community. The one fire station gave them a tour of the fire engine and let them try on their gear.  The kids loved it!  We also went to a memorial service at a park to pay our respects to the victims of 9/11.  I know my children will never remember 9/11, but I want them to be able to reflect on this day and honor those who lost their lives.
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Oh my, Fractions, has been the thorn in our sides for 2 years. I hope he finally got the idea.

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