Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 2 - Could've Been Better

Well, week 2 is done and Mj wasn't as into school as I wanted him to be. I got frustrated, he got frustrated but I think we both learned some valuable lessons even with the bumps in the road. Here's what Mj learned this week.

Mj learned about Noah and the flood. Mj couldn't believe how big the ark was compared to an average sized house. We talked about Noah's trust in God and Noah's obedience because of his trust in God. I can't imagine taking 120 years to build an ark and having no idea what exactly was going to happen and yet Noah still obeyed. What an example! The memory verse for the week was Gen. 6:8 & 22

Mj adds Noah to our Bible time line.

Mj reviewing his memory verse with an erase the word game. (Maple and topple are not part of the verse. Hee! Hee!)
Mj is reviewing the precursive letters. This week he practiced "A, E, D, I, L, and T"

Mj learned how to add by 6, 7 , and 8, names for 10, and how to add with 3 addends.

We played dominoes to review our number dot patterns.

Mj reviewed long vowels and open syllables. He read a story about two brothers playing cops and robbers and he read a story about some cats wanting to get tuna. He also learned about my favorite word - "onomatopoeia". Seriously, how can you not smile when you say that word!! We buzzed like a bee, swished like a broom, and kerplop like dropping a stone in water.

Mj learned the difference between a sentence and a fragment. He also learned about the subject part and the action part of a sentence. He also review putting words in alphabetical order.


I found this cool site for Mj to review his spelling list! Spelling City lets me enter his spelling words and then he can play games, take a test, or practice his spelling words. I look forward to using this site many times.
Heritage Studies:
Mj learned about post offices and libraries this week. Mj wrote a letter to his Uncle Jonny and is hoping his Uncle Jonny will write him back so he can see the mail man deliver him his very own letter. We also learned that Ben Franklin came up with the idea of a library. Mj colored a map of a modern library. I was hoping to get to the library this week, but it didn't happen, so we'll get there next week.
Mj learned how to use a seed packet and where and how to plant his seeds. He also learned why it is important for a gardener to take notes throughout the year.

Mj planted some wild flower seeds in a cup.
Mj also made a banner for his Daddy's birthday!
I gave Mj a couple of Legos and he had to make something out of it. He made a duck.

The kids were able to "help" Mark put the shed together!

Look at my baby genius reading already! =)

Jadyn had a good Tot School week!
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See Jamie blog said...

Looks like a good week overall, despite any lack of enthusiasm. We have that around here occasionally as well. :)

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