Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas is always so much fun when all the family gets together! This year was no exception. We shared gifts, meals, colds, eye infections, etc. But we had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks.

Christmas Eve with the Fortneys:
Gabe decided to chew his gift open.

Gabe and Cousin Ryan sharing Cheerios.

I guess Gabe wasn't too happy about his new pajamas.

The cousins in their Christmas Eve pj's. (Gabe was done taking pictures)

Gabe thought Uncle Jonny was funny.

Jadyn loves her pillow pet from Uncle Benny.

Uncle Marcus and Aunt Lydia got Mj Scrabble Flash (Mj always has the best expressions when he opens gifts! LOL)
Christmas Morning with our family:
Gabe decided to climb on his gift.

Jadyn was excited to get a mommy and sister for her doll house.

Mj was shocked that we got him a Star Wars Lego Dictionary. (I told you he has the best faces)

Checking out the Legos we got him.
Christmas with the Wise's:
Uncle Dutch and Aunt Julie got Jadyn a kitchen.

My nephew Zach was pretty excited about his game.

Mj got some more hot wheels.

My sweet niece Bria enjoying the wrapping paper.

Gabe inspecting his new puppy from Papa.
While Lyd and Marcus were here, we threw them a baby shower for Julia who will be making her appearance in March. My sis-in-law Leah and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Julia has a nice pink wardrobe now!=)
And New Years Eve was a big day - Gabe turned 11 motnhs old!!! He was sick on his 11 month birthday with the eye infection that the cousins were sharing. I can't believe he'll be one year old soon!!!
So that was our Christmas break!=) Now back to the routine. School starts Wednesday and this house needs some serious cleaning! =)


Guiding Light said...

WOW! Great post! Stopping by / following you from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Blessings to you and your family!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a joyous time! Loved seeing those.

Joy said...

Looks like you all had an awesome Christmas! Thanks for joining in the Hop!

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