Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Day at the Zoo

We celebrated Labor Day by taking the kids to the zoo. I'm so thankful we bought the annual pass - we've definitely got our moneys worth! This was the first time Mark has gone with us to the zoo so the kids were determined to show him every animal in the zoo.  Here are some pictures from our fun day!

Gabe spotted a bird in the aviary.
Mark, Mj, & Jadyn looking for birds in the aviary.
The lion was roaring - the kids loved it!
Riding the bear statue.
Have you ever seen camel teeth?  Very weird!
Cooling off on a very hot day!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Your zoo looks awesome! We also have the annual pass here, but we're waiting for it too cool off a bit! Whew! FL heat is hot!!

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