Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things I Love

I love Pandora! Have you tried the toddler station?!  So fun!  That's what we listen to while doing crafts and other fun tot things.  While I study I listen to Christian music and what a fun way to get some many different songs!  Love it!

Mmmmm..... nothing better than a cold coke to make me happy!

Palm trees!!!  I've always loved palm trees and now we have palm trees in our front yard!!!  Although one thing I've learned in Miami is how many different types of palm trees there are!  Wow! (I also love that girl standing beside the palm tree! - She's pretty cool, too!)

Words with Friends!  I just keep telling myself it's not a waste of time it's helping my brain function!

Maybe it's the whole living in Miami thing, but I'm all about limes right now!  Love them!  I've been making limeade a lot and thinking about attempting key lime pie!  Yum!

I'm totally addicted to Pinterest.  I've found so many crafty ideas to try around the house, for totschool, recipes, etc!!  Love this and after I this post I'll be pinning over at Pinterest! ;)

And I love these 3 crazy kids of mine!  They keep things interesting and stress me out, but I wouldn't change that for anything in the world!

Those are just a few things I love. What things do you love?! I'd love to hear!

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